Did Pete Davidson have Teeth Fixed?- (Before and After)

Did Pete Davidson have a Teeth Fix?-(Before and After)

Find out all about SNL star Pete Davidson and what happened to his teeth with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian, actor, and writer. Most of us started to know him as a cast member on the NBC late-night sketch comedy Saturday Night Live in 2014. Few people also know him for dating celebs like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian.

Pete’s dating life has made him very famous. He has also been featured in movies like Suicide Squad. We all know that mainstream celebrities are under the microscope of their followers.

Even the tiniest detail is not left unnoticed. Likewise, recently people have been buzzing about Pete Davidson’s teeth. So we had to compare his before and after photos to find out more.

Pete Davidson Teeth

When did the teeth rumors start? Well recently Pete took some time off from his work and when on to meet John Mulaney and Olivia Munn‘s new baby boy, Malcolm.

On January 28, John also shared an Instagram Story snap captioned “Uncle Pete!”

While several people noticed that Pete and the newborn baby Malcolm looked cute, there were some folks who also noticed that Pete that a chipped tooth.

So what happened to Pete’s teeth? Well, comparing a few of his before and after photos, we found that Pete didn’t have a chipped tooth in any of the pictures before this incident. He always had white and gapless teeth.

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So to learn more about what might have happened to his teeth we served over the internet a few times but there were no signs of accident and anything of the sort Davidson was involved in.

Then we found sources telling TMZ and E! News that the Saturday Night Live star’s cracked tooth isn’t permanent. And the source added that it was for a movie he’s shooting. “He had it for a project. It’s fake,” the source said.

Did Pete Davidson have a Teeth Fix?-(Before and After)

But we also found a tiktok video that claimed that Davidson’s teeth were not always white and gapless from the start of his career. The content creator also speculated that the actor must have had two dental procedures.

                        Pete Davidson Teeth Fix (Before and After)          (Image Source: Celebs DIaries)

Firstly, she claimed that the SNL star had yellowish teeth before. And yes, focusing more on digging his old photo, there have been few in which they appear yellowish.

The content maker believes that the Suicide Squad actor must have had teeth whitening done. Secondly, she also showed us that Pete actually had gaps in his teeth that were later removed. Some of the common dental procedures to do this are porcelain veneers, Retainers, and dental bonds.

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