Did Strictly’s Matt Goss’s Have Plastic Surgery?

Everything you need to know about Matt Goss’s plastic surgery speculation with before and after photo comparison in detail.

Matthew Weston Goss is a handsome English singer-songwriter and musician. Some of you should remember him as the lead singer of the 1980s pop group Bros. He also has a twin brother Luke who was the drummer of the group.

As a solo artist, Matt has released five studio albums. Many are not aware of this but Goss wrote the theme song for So You Think You Can Dance, produced by Nigel Lithgow.

Nonetheless, getting into the main subject at hand, we believe that the singer has had plastic surgery. Just see what we found.

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Matt Goss Plastic Surgery

Honestly speaking going under the knife is not a big deal for the ones that are involved in the limelight on a daily basis. As per the type of cosmetic procedure available on the internet, there are many procedures celebs like to do.

The most famous plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, Breast implant removals. And also Buttock lift, chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping (facial implants or soft tissue augmentation).

In addition to this, we have covered a ton of celebrities who prefer Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty) and Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) are also quite favored.

                         Matt Goss Plastic Surgery (Before and After)      (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

How did the plastic surgery rumors surface? We believe that his fame has been boosted because of the announcement of his participation in the popular show Strictly Come Dancing. People really love this show and have several times connected with its contestants.

Matt Goss Plastic Surgery Procedures

Anyways without even comparing Matt’s before and after pics, we can see that he has had a facelift. He was born on September 29, 1968. And the musician age 53 years old.

So it is uncommon for a person of this age to have such tight facial skin. And people start having plastic surgery procedures like this at this age.

If you still don’t believe us, here are a few things we would like to add. Firstly look at the absence of crow’s feet. Secondly, look at the shiny forehead, tighter the skin smoother the surface for light to reflect.

How do facelifts work? It starts by removing, repositioning, and sculpting fat from your face. And then re-draped over the newly repositioned contours of the face.

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How much do these plastic surgery procedures cost? They cost around $8000. What else? Well, we had to compare Goss’s before and after snippets to know about other surgeries he might have done.

And we must say that Goss really has mesmerizing blue eyes. His nose looks the same it has a bulky tip like his old pics. If he were to have a rhinoplasty we believe this would be the first thing he liked to remove.

Other than this we don’t see plumper lips to claim Matt had lip fillers. His jawline slightly looks different but we don’t believe he had any surgery to change it.

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