Lita Plastic Surgery

Did the WWE wrestler Lita have Plastic Surgery?

Find out all about WWE wrestler Lita and her plastic surgery with before and after photo comparison in detail.

Amy Christine Dumas, mostly recognized by her ring name Lita, is one of the most influential female professional wrestlers of her generation. She is currently signed to WWE.

Lita is often regarded as one of the greatest women’s performers alongside Trish Status, she was also one of the most popular female superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment. And she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Furthermore, she still appears in WWE a few times. However, her appearance now seems to have made many WWE fans raise their eyebrows and suspect whether she had undergone some sort of plastic surgery procedure.

Let’s find out with our before and after looks comparison to determine if she really had beauty enhancements.

Lita Plastic surgery

Has the Diva go under the knife? Unfortunately,  the wrestler is yet to address the rumors herself. And none of the reliable sites have touched on the subject matter.

                Lita plastic surgery Breast Implant (Before and After)                                      (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

However, we found an article in which WWE legend Jim Ross commented on Lita having a breast implant.

In the article, Ross praised Lita’s look and athleticism with skills. He added that she was just really athletic fearless and had enormous sex appeal.

JR went on to explain why that appeal was different than what WWE fans were used to seeing. In the interview when JR was asked, “Have you or the company ever suggested that talent have an augmentation?”

He also denied the rumors that the company forced Lita to have plastic surgery to enhance that appeal even further. Ross said when he first met her, she had not had her breast augmentation, which was totally her call and not ours.

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Ross replied it’s always a personal decision by the talent. And if the wrestler believes it will enhance their TV persona and their overall look, then that is going to be their call.

Lita Plastic surgery Procedure(Before and After)

Besides, breast implants we speculate that she has done more surgeries done to herself. Why you ask. Nearly after 20 years, she had her appearance last month in the smack-down brand.

But appearance from before has completely changed. If you compare her before and after photos, you can clearly see that there is a huge difference. Lita is in her mid 40’s and in this, your facial skin starts to get saggy and you look older.

But in this new appearance, her face looks as if it was stretched out to prevent any signs of wrinkles. And it has a specific shine to it that only plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can bring. In brief, it looks very artificial.

We speculate that she has taken a botox injection.

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