Dillon Passage Teeth Before and After, Boyfriend and More

Dillon Passage Teeth Before and After, Boyfriend and More

Find out all about Dillon Passage’s teeth and his ex-husband Joe Exotic.

Dillon Passage is best known as Joe Exotic’s husband. He gained recognition after appearing on the Netflix show, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. Tiger King is a crime series based on the true story of Joe Exotic.

The series was first released on 20 March 2020 and became an instant hit. The show is about the lives of people who had an influence on Joe. In addition, it shows the five husbands of Joe. The five husbands were namely Brian Rhyne, J.C. Hartpence, John Finlay, Travis Michael, and Dillon Passage. Read more to find all the details about Dillon Passage’s teeth and his ex-husband Joe Exotic.

Dillon Passage Teeth – Before and After

There have been many searches about Dillon Passage’s teeth. So why is it? What happened to his teeth? How is Dillon Passage;s teeth now? We have got all the answers right here. Dillon Passage’s teeth are just as before. Also, there is not much change done to his teeth.

                           Dillon Passage Teeth – before and after                                                        (Image Source: Celebsdiaries)

So, who got new teeth? The person who got new teeth is his ex-partner Tiger King star Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay. According to people.com, John is showing off his new teeth and he looked unrecognizable after the show.

John Finlay is Joe Exotic’s third husband. Joe married Finlay before Travis Michael Maldonado. Finlay was famous because of his broken smile. His smile was called broken because of his missing teeth that made his set of teeth were broken.

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John was only 19 years old when Joe hired him to run his zoo and roadshow. Details on his new teeth can be found on usmagazine.com. Also, there are blogs about his smile transformation from his new teeth. Nonetheless, the Tiger King star is very happy about his new teeth and has been flaunting his new smile.

Dillon Passage ex-husband Joe Exotic

Dillon Passage now age 27 years old, married Joe Exotic in December 2017. Where did the two meet? Tteethhe ex-couple met one another in Oklahoma. They had traveled from Texas. Where did they meet? They met at Exotic’s Safari Bar. According to Dillon, Joe brought him to the zoo. In addition, he said that he never left the zoo.

Dillon said what made him like Joe is that Joe helped Dillon get healthy again and get a healthy mental state.

Dillon and Joe had a huge age gap when they married. Joe is 58 years old as of 2021. He was born in 1963 whereas Passage was only 22 years when he met Joe.

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The couple had been together for three years. However, they got divorced in early 2021. Joe is currently in prison as he was sentenced to 22 years in Jail because of animal abuse and also attempted murder for hire. Before they separated, Joe said that he was talking with his ex-husband Dillon three times a day.

Dillon Passage Instagram

Dillon Passage Now goes by the name @dillert_lclm on Instagram with total followers of 117k, 1639 Following, and 73 Posts. He is pretty famous on his other socials too but fans know him most from his amazing lovey dovey post on his Instagram.


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