Kanye West Mother Donda West Plastic Surgery, Death and New Album (1)

Kanye’s Mother Donda West Plastic Surgery Details!!!

Read the article to know everything about Kanye West mother Donda West plastic surgery, before and after, death, and more

Donda West was an American professor and a associate of Chicago State University. However, she got her global recognition as the mother of musician and singer Kanye West. The rapper latest album named after his mother triggered Donda’s popularity. Along with songs, people have been giving attention to her appearance as well.

The death of the mother had been pretty stressful to the singer. But, as of 2018, he started to forgive everyone spread the positivity. He captioned, “This plastic surgeon is Jan Adams. The person who performed by moms final surgery. Do you have any title ideas? I want to forgive and stop hating.”

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The snippet of Donda West
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With that being said, it becomes clear that she had gone through knife. However, what are the procedures she went through? Know all the details about Donda plastic surgery before and after and transformation with pictures as well.

What happened with Donda West Plastic Surgery?

Just before the death of the star’s mom, Mrs. West had gone through a couple cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, tummy tuck and breast reduction were the some she went through at the time of her death. The surgery was performed well and didn’t had any problems during the surgical time.

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Donda West with Rapper Kanye West
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However, the effects lengthy 5.5 hours surgery started to show serious effects after she was discharged. The cause of death was said to be the keen to go home even before it was declared that she should leave. The surgery later resulted in sore throat and chest pain which led to her death at the end.

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Some sources blindly pointed the finger to surgeon Adams but he made clear that the surgery went well and she was functioning well for a day at least. However, the coroner later made a statement, “there was no evidence of a surgical procedure problem.”. But the innocent plastic surgeon lost his job and had lost all popularity he gained all those years.

Kanye West and Plastic Surgeon of his mother

Some tension were prevalent among Kanye West and the surgeon but later became clear after he dropped album “Love Everyone”. The mother also was a manager of Ye before her sudden death. He always suppressed his emotion and never felt okay to share the pain with the media. However, he now has given a whole 10th studio album to his mother titled, “Donda”.

Donda West Plastic Surgery and Surgeon (1)

The rapper with his mother and the surgeon of his mother
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With such deep story behind the album and songs, the singer’s album is hitting the internet pretty well overlooking some unnecessary controversies though. Later, the report showed that she had been battling with high blood pressure and sugar as well. The plastic surgeon from California also pointed out that, Scoggins, Kanye’s cousin should be responsible as she took charge not knowing the effects it could lead to.

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Comparing her before and after pictures, she has a little changes as said by the surgery. She was 58-year-old at the time, so, the aging signs could have triggered her to go through surgery. Besides, being the mother of probably one of the biggest names in the industry isn’t easy as it seems. All the attention she was getting also could have made her to bring back her youthful appearance. Be that as it may, we hope the rapper will get all the strength to overcome such painful moment.

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