Former Teen Idol Donny Osmond Plastic Surgery, Botox, Chin Surgery

Donny Osmond Plastic Surgery- The Untold Truth!!

Every Detail about Former Teen Idol Donny Osmond Plastic Surgery, Botox, Right Shoulder Injury, Age, Top Songs, and more.

Donny is an American singer who got fame along with his brothers, whom we know as the Osmonds. Donny Osmond has made his name in the entertainment industry as a dancer and actor as well. With his rising age, he has been suspected of several enhancements over his looks to look young and fresh.

Did he go through the knife? What are the surgical procedures Donny has gone through over the past years? Know all about the Osmonds’ brother Donny Plastic Surgeries and Cosmetic Enhancements.

Did Donny Osmond Go through Plastic Surgery?

In case you don’t know, Donny is in his early sixties. And still has his charming nature as before. Other than that, he still has the same soothing voice and energy at each performance he gives. Although he has a little grey hair and few wrinkles, he surely doesn’t look like one who is in his sixties.

Donny Osmond (1)

He doesn’t look like a 63-year-old man
Image Source: Everything Zoomer

The rumors and gossips reached a certain height when Express made it clear that the former teen idol didn’t go through any heavy procedure.

“I’ve honestly no idea. Good genes, I guess, I’d have to thank my mom for that. But I work out a lot and I am careful what I eat.”

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Donny said in an interview. Following his addressing, he continued,

“But no, I don’t do any pampering, no (cosmetic) treatments, nothing, I did try Botox once. Never again. I couldn’t move my face muscles.”

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Donny Admits to Having Botox

Even in his sixties, Donny has a separate fan base of women dying to meet him. Thus, people have found it hard to believe such appearance to be the result of only genes and proper diet. Maybe the Botox he tried at the time is still favoring his skin.

Donny Osmond Plastic Surgery

Look at Donny Before and After
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Besides, in an interview with Dailymail, the TV host revealed that he doesn’t drink alcohol and he’s never smoked as well. He has always been a health concern person, so, he has maintained his physique at all times.

Listen to his latest song titled ‘Who’ dropped out on July 1, 2021:

When asked about plastic surgery, the actor said,

“I did have a bump on my chin removed and I’ve tried Botox but putting a toxin in my system worried me, so I stopped.”

To answer people’s queries, Pinterest also has given some photos of the actor before and after to compare. Related to the topic, Donny went through surgery to repair his right arm a year before. He broke his shoulder while dancing and got a serious injury.

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Be that as it may, Donny also respects and understands that aging is a part of life, so, most probably he might not have undergone further procedures than he has said. With incredible stamina, vocal, physical, and appearance, he has been a source of motivation to his fans as well as other celebrities to try healthy habits.

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