Downtown Abbey Star Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Transformation!!!

Downtown Abbey Star Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Transformation surprised evey fans and followers after seeing the 57-year-old actor’s snap. The actor to appear in Downtown Abbey 2.

The audience has again found the perfect topic to engage themselves. Actor Hugh Bonneville did the favor with his weight loss transformation. His snaps surprised every fan and made them question themselves and their eye.

The news hit the internet after the Downtown Abbey star posted a snap wishing Royal British Legion’s Birthday. Fans comments and reviews started to rain down heavily seeing the actor in such an appearance.

Hugh Bonneville Significant Weight Loss Through the Years

Through an interview he gave, he even addressed how he lost such significant pounds through the years. Till now, we haven’t been confirmed about how much he shed through the lockdown.

Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss

Compare his looks yourself
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But no doubt, he has lost some weight loss as his cheeks are much thinner and he seems lean and covered in wrinkled skin. Weight loss hadn’t been easy for the 57-year-old actor too.

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Entertainmentdaily also have presented some follower’s comments after the looks of the actor in a BBC Show. It seems not a single fan weren’t astonished with the sudden slim appearance of Hugh. Also, Checkout his Instagram for daily fitness routine and progression.

His Diet and Secrets to the Weight Loss

He revealed that low carb was the important step to weight loss along with daily exercise. Express have said that the foods like brown rice and brown bread are some alternatives for losing weight. Besides, Exercises like running, riding a bike, aerobics are some other tips.

Hugh Bonneville Diet and Exercises (1)

He has slimmed a lot than before
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However, it is not the first time Hugh went through such transformation. He previosuly lost about 20 pounds for the role in Notting Hill. But, coming to 2008, he again put on some weight and came back to his chubby looks. And now it seems he is done with his previous body called as “fat as a pig“.

Hugh Bonneville in ‘Downtown Abbey’ and #Downtown Abbey 2

Hellomagazine confirmed that the actor went through such transformation for the coming part of Downtown Abbey. Downtown Abbey confirmed that the movie will be in theatres on Christmas and Hugh Dancy will be portraying the role of Lord Grantham.

Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley (1)

The look of Hugh as Robert Crawley
Image Source: The Indian Express

Best known for his portrayal as Robert Crawley in Downtown Abbey, he has surely a great fan base. The coming back of Downtown2 also has made people impatient to see the actor again in the movie. Talking about his movies, he is set to appear in the biopic film An Unquiet Life as author Roald Dahl. Furthermore, To Olivia also will show Hugh in the movie.

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Playing in over a 4 dozens of movies and series, he has been a great actor of the time. With such transformation in his mid-fifties was a great change he took. His weight loss is alsoa motivation for many others wanting to lose weight. Let’s hope for the best of coming Downtown Abbey movie and others as well.

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