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Drawing Wiff Waffles Face Reveal? All Details on YouTuber

Find out all about the YouTube Star, Drawing Wiff Waffles including her wiki, net worth, relationship status, and more

Drawing Wiff Waffles aka Rin Da’roo is a YouTuber who creates sketches and amazes people with them. Furthermore, Waffles has gained popularity with her illustrative works involving writing and producing field.

Likewise, her real face has been a mystery to everyone. And people have been very curious about it. All this is similar to Kikiyama, the creator of the famous RPG Maker game Yume Nikki. Thus, we have found it a very necessary topic to discuss alongside Waffles’ wiki and net worth.

Who Is Rin Da’roo? Learn Her Bio-Wiki

Wiff Waffles’ birthday is 22nd May of 1995. Currently, she is 26-years-old. According to her date of birth, she is Gemini by zodiac sign. From a very young age, Rin had been doodling in the margins of her school books. As the 26-year-old didn’t study illustration in college. It was just her and her sketchbook. However, art was not what she wanted to pursue at first.

Drawing Wiff Waffles Wiki
             Drawing Wiff Waffles (Image Source: Instagram)

At the age of fourteen, the YouTuber was diagnosed with a life-threatening auto-immune disease and stint in the hospital. She is yet to reveal the illness in detail. The days were a worrying time for the then 14-year-old. In her hospital bed, she was introduced to art supplies to calm her negative thoughts. However, while she was in the hospital she began drawing just for the fun of it. Later on, she fell in love with art and couldn’t stop sketching.

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She later had a 12-hour chemotherapy session which was a success. And unlike her illness, Rin’s interest in drawing has stuck with her. Now, she has modified her artistic work from hand sketches to animated drawings done with software like Illustrator and photoshop. Rin’s first videos were on drawing characters such as Snow White, Ariel, Korra, Daisy Buchanan, Fiona and Cake, Dorothy Gale, Princess Leia, Bee & Puppycat amongst her own original characters.

Drawing Wiff Waffles Face Revealed and Her Relationship Status

There was a video titled “What I Look Like- Self Portrait”. However, the video didn’t deliver what fans expected. Sadly, she only draws the cartoon portrait of hers. A lot of her cartoon portraits have been based on animated films and Disney.

HOW-TO-DRAW-THE-FACE-IN-PROFILE-Tutorial-DrawingWiffWaffles-500x284 (1)
           HOW-TO-DRAW-THE-FACE-IN-PROFILE-by Ms. Waffle                                                   (Image Source: YouTube)

With her attributes of self-doubt and insecurities to stunting her artistic growth in her teens. Waffle’s face reveal has been a very hot topic. However, no one knows anything about her.

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Likewise, Rin has been shut when it comes to her relationship status. She must to dating or previously dated someone as she is 26-years-old. It’s strange that she is on social media so often however, doesn’t disclose much about her personal life.

How Much Is Drawing Wiff Waffles Net Worth?

Drawing Wiff Waffles’s net worth should be comfortable around $1.5 million. According to SocialBlade, with subscribers and views in 7 digits, her estimated earnings are in the range of $15000 to $24000. The channel ‘DrawingWiffWaffles’ currently has over 2.5 million subscribers and has accumulated astonishingly more than 400 million views so far.

Waffles' net worth
      Waffles’ Website and giveaways (Image source: drawingwithwaffles)

Calculating all this, the channel gets an average of 250,000 views per day from different sources. Thus, Rin from social media should generate an estimated revenue of around $2,000 per day and around $730,000 a year from the ads that appear on the videos.

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Other than this, Rin makes more income by selling merchandise and stickers through her website. And she also has over 500k followers on Instagram.

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