Ed Sheeran Plastic Surgery

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Edward Christopher Sheeran most popularly known as Ed Sheeran is one the greatest singer and song-writer today. He has continuously been giving awesome songs to the world for more than a decade. The singer started writing songs from the early age of eleven and has become quite an expert at doing it.

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The Snippet of Ed Sheeran
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Being the major attraction of media for more than 10 years, people have seen his transform into a father as well. With time, his appearance also have astonished a lot of people. While others have speculated several plastic surgery procedures. What surgery did  the English singer have? Did he have any plastic surgery in the past?

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Has Ed Sheeran Gone Under Plastic Surgery?

The 31-year-old singer lately became a father. At several interviews, he has revealed that being a father is much different and a completely new experience for him. With the welcome of his daughter, he has taken strict measures for his better health.

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He has really changed a lot
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The glow on his face also could tell how much happy and excited he was for the new lifestyle. Taking about the transformation, he hasn’t gone through any surgical enhancement as revealed on The Late Late Show. Besides, strict diets and regular workouts has completely changed his looks.

“I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m exercising every day,” he conveyed, “I’m spending so much time at home making the record. Yeah, I feel like a human being. It’s good.” His daughter Lyra also has motivated him to make music again. And the whole world feels lucky for that.

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Although the singer has time and again claimed that he hasn’t gone under the knife of a surgeon, many people have claimed that he must have used Botox or some facelift procedures to some extent. The ‘Bad Habits’ video also brought a lot of rumors and despairs regarding his looks. However, the makeup seems to be the only reason he looks so different.

What made him look different Now?

Betheknockout also wrote an article about the singer’s transformation. The article said the ‘Shape of You’ star is looking a lot better and is suspecting of some work done. Rumors says that he might have had hair transplant and teeth whitening and that’s all. All other improvements are just the effects of his weight loss.

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Ed Sheeran in Bad Habits
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The recent tour made everyone wonder about his plastic surgery when some fans noticed a scar on his right cheek. With that, other people supported saying the artist looked different from before as well. Particularly saying, the admirers said that, he changed his looks from a cute baby to a charm adult.

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