Ed Sheeran’s Teeth, Hair Color, and Face

Ed Sheeran’s Teeth, Hair Color, and Face

All you need to know about Ed Sheeran’s teeth, hair color, and face with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Edward Christopher Sheeran MBE is our beloved Ed Sheeran. He has won the heart of a lot of people with his songs like Shape of You which has over 4 billion views on youtube.

Besides that dance number people also love his romantic songs like Perfect, Dive, and Thinking Out Loud. Anyways his voice and lyrical content stand out clearly. But apart from this Ed’s appearance has also been talked about by the media from time to time. So we are here to give a deep dive into all of it.

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Ed Sheeran’s Hair Color, and Face

The pop star is immensely popular.  His fans follow him on a daily basis. People have also noticed that there is a scare in him. This made them question what happened to his face.

The singer’s manager stated Princess Beatrice Cut the Musician’s Face With a Sword. Back in 2016, the royal came close to taking out Sheeran’s eye at a dinner party and he in fact needed medical assistance.

His red gingery hair also doesn’t go unnoticed. But people didn’t approve of him dying it.

Sheeran apologized to ginger people after he decided to go blonde for three days in the Bad Habits music video. The songwriter revealed that he dyed his hair to get into character for his new single Bad Habit.

Like Ed Sheeran, he has already soon early signs of male pattern baldness as well. So like many articles that we have cover about men having similar conditions he too might get a hair transplant in the near future.

We also found that Ed was born with a port-wine stain birthmark on his face. According to him, that was a result of the medical team’s mistake when they forgot to put him under during a laser-assisted removal surgery of the birthmark.

Ed Sheeran’s Teeth

Unfortunately, the singer has not disclosed what really happened to his teeth. And no reliable websites have also explained it.

Why did the singer’s teeth get fixed? There is not a specific reason for the rumors, anyone and everyone in showbiz use enhancements and augmentations.

Cosmetic dentistry really improves your appearance. Such surgery focus on dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance.

        Ed Sheeran Teeth Hair Change (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

In the video, Sheeran takes on the role of a dapper vampire, complete with a bright pink suit jacket, glittery dark eye makeup, and some pointy chompers. Those vampire fangs were obviously fake.

Speaking about Sheeran’s teeth fixes, the A-team singer has never said that he was willing to have a teeth treatment. In fact, there is a tweet that claims that he did have yellowish teeth before and now has whitening them.

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We looked whether he has used braces in his past, but no he had perfectly aligned teeth even in his childhood. What about teeth whitening? Nope, his teeth look white as they did before.

There is also a video Ed is featured in a show called Celebrity Juice and on the show, he was challenged to put what looked like someone else’s used old Complete dentures in his mouth. It was really gross.

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