Elizabeth Berkley Lauren Weight Gain Reason Explained!

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren Weight Gain Reason Explained!

Grab all details of American actress and former model Eliza Berkley weight gain before and after comparison, and pregnancy.

Elizabeth Berkley is one of the popular Hollywood actresses who came to prominence through some of her hit movies like You Don’t Naomi, Student Seduction, Any Given Sunday, and Showgirls. She also gain prominence through her hit Television series Saved by the Bell. Lately, the internet has been curious about the weight gain of the 50 years old actress Elizabeth Berkley.

So in order to learn details regarding the 1.78m tall actress, ahead, we present you with all the details of actress Elizabeth Berkley’s weight gain before and after comparison.

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Elizabeth Berkley Weight Gain Before & After

As of recently, Elizabeth is fit and has not gained much. Overlooking her post from Instagram, it does show that Berkley seems healthy with good body mass and physique, however, we cannot simply label it as weight gain.

If we compare, Elizabeth’s picture back in 2021 and now, she does have a subtle weight gain of around 11 to 22 pounds, however, we can’t simply call it a weight gain, as the Showgirls actress does not seem fat and overweight to label it as weight gain.

Elizabeth Had Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Back in 2020, over the time of the pandemic, The First Wives Club actress Elizabeth had weight gain, and the reason was due to her pregnancy.

Elizabeth Berkley Weight Gain

Berkley’s baby bump during her pregnancy back in 2020. (Image Source: DailyMail)

If you are unaware, Elizabeth welcomed a son Sky Cole Lauren with her husband Grey Lauren and due to her pregnancy, the actress had weight gain.

So, back in 2020, Lauren did undergo weight gain, and as of 2022, Elizabeth is fit and healthy with no weight gain issues.

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