Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery rumors

Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery rumors

Find out all the facts about Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery rumors, plastic surgery reasons, and plastic surgery –before and after.

Ellie Goulding is a Grammy Award nominee English singer and songwriter. She was born on 30 December 1986 in Hereford, England. The 35-year-old has released four albums. Her popular songs include Love Me Like You Do, Anything Could Happen, and Burn.

Ellie Goulding is a popular celebrity who is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million US dollars. The singer studied at the University of Kent before starting her music career. Also, she got married to Casper Joplin in 2019 and gave birth to their first child in April 2021.

Recently, there have been many rumors about Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery. We have collected all the information about the celebrity’s plastic surgery. Read more to find out all the details about Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery rumors, plastic surgery –before and after, and plastic surgery reasons.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery rumors

How did Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery rumors start? Did she really undergo the knife? According to rumors what cosmetic procedures has she done? Fans suspected that the English did do some plastic surgery to alter her face when she was spotted with fuller lips and there was a slight difference in her appearance.

                    Ellie Goulding plastic surgery (Before and After)       (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Has the celeb admitted to the plastic surgery rumors? So far, the songwriter has been quiet about these allegations. She has neither admitted nor denied having plastic surgery.

However, there are no rumors that she has done a boob job on her body or rhinoplasty on her face. Rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery done to enhance the nose.

Rumors about her going under the knife are only limited to her face and not on her body. So far, her body looks natural but her face has definitely undergone some changes according to rumors. When did the rumors about Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery start?

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Are the rumors true? The rumors started around somewhere in 2016. Considering several facts and looking at several sources we do suspect that fans are right. The singer has undergone the knife to enhance her face.

Also, for someone who works in the entertainment industry, it is not uncommon to do some cosmetic procedures. Many celebrities especially female stars are always under pressure to look whether it is on camera or off-camera.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery before and after

With a net worth of millions, it is highly doubtful that the 35-year-old mother hadn’t done anything on her face. So, there is a high probability that Goulding underwent the knife. However, she hasn’t spoken up about doing or not doing any plastic surgery to enhance her appearance

How different does Ellie Goulding look now from before? Has she really changed? What is her after-surgery look? Yes, we suspect she has had jawline surgery. It is V-shaped now before it was U-shaped.

Apart from this, we also believe she has done a nose job as well. Like her jaw, her nose looks narrow in the bridge and tip section. Did she also have lip filler? Yes, her lips look don’t look normal they look plump.

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