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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Emily Hampshire Teeth, Partner, and TV Shows

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The 39-year-old actress Emily Hampshire has set her name as a successful actress through films and series like Boy Meets Girl, Snow Cake, 12 Monkeys, and more. However, the Canadian actress’s name now has been trending regarding her teeth. What is so piquing about her teeth? Has she perform any procedure or not? Know all answers here.

Emily Hampshire Teeth Adjustment

Emily’s teeth became significant to people’s eyes when her smile attracted them through the Schitt’s Creek. Besides the show, her smile has always been precious to all. She actually knows how to give an innocent and perfect smile.

Emily Hampshire Teeth (1)

Have a look at her Gorgeous Smile
Image Source: BuzzFeed

Talking more about her teeth, Celebrity Detective couldn’t resist her smiling pictures. It took half a dozen pictures comparing them. From the snaps, she seems to have smaller, however, perfectly aligned teeth. Front teeth being a little larger her side teeth have sharp edges.

Emily Hampshire Teeth (2) (1)

She has a perfect aligned Teeth
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

As teeth are an important part of any celebrity’s looks as well as personality, she also must have done some enhancements. From the pictures from the source, we can assume she may have gone through the teeth whitening process. The teeth are exceptionally white and seem sparkling. Also, a healthy diet and proper care may have resulted in it.

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However, the dilemma of whether she went through teeth fix or not is remaining. From the time she has been under the eye of media, her teeth are same as it is now. However, we can still guess if she wore braces in her teens. Some little effects of the braces are seen on her smile when we grasp a look at her picture.

Emily Hampshire Partner, Career and Schitt’s Creek

Emily has portrayed several astonishing roles in her career making her reputation growing smoothly. The series which started in 2015 and ended in 2020, Schitt’s Creek also was a breakthrough point for the actress as she won several awards for her role as Stevie Budd. Besides, Emily also triggered her fame when she married the actor Matthew Smith.

Emily Hampshire with Matthew (1)

Emily Hampshire with her former Husband Matthew Smith
Image Source: Flick Prime

Matthew Smith has appeared in great shows like The Crown, House of Dragon, Doctor Who, and more others. However, their marriage didn’t end well and they have separated as of now.

She got married to Matthew Smith in 2006 and spent about 9 years of her marriage happily. After the divorce in 2015, Emily started her journey on the series ‘Schitt’s Creek’. She became more focused on her career and she hit the peak of her popularity with the series.

Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire (1)

The actress with her girlfriend Teddy Geiger
Image Source: E! Online

As posted on her Instagram, she later shocked the public saying she had been dating Teddy Geiger, an American singer-songwriter. With the post, she also confirmed her sexual status as pansexual. The duo even got engaged just after three months of dating.

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However, the relationship didn’t go as expected by the people and they called off their engagement. Money. Yahoo tells that the reason is still unknown as they are yet to address it.

Is Emily Hampshire on Orange Is The New Black?

No, Emily Hampshire has not appeared in the show so far. The Emily in the series is Emily Althaus, an American actress. People have been confusing them with each other. The American Emily has also appeared in The Handmaid’s Tale and Body at Brighton Rock while the Canadian one is famous for Schitt’s Creek, 12 Monkeys and Boy Meets Girl.

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