Did Emily Ratajkowski Have Plastic Surgery? Complete Analysis !!!

Did Emily Ratajkowski Have Plastic Surgery? Complete Analysis !!!

Find out all about Emily Ratajkowski’s plastic surgery rumors analysis with before and after photo comparison in detail.

Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski is a gorgeous American model, actress, and author. The model was born in London to American parents and raised in Encinitas. She started acting at a young age and later she signed a recurring role on the Nickelodeon series iCarly.

And most of your 90’s kids know her for this. But I recognized her for being that hot model video in one of the Pharell Williams songs.

Anyways, let us discuss Emily going under the knife. Let us analyze her before and after images to find what difference we do find.

How did her plastic surgery surface? Well, there is an ongoing rumor building up that the model is dating Brad Pitt. So, people are laser-focused on her.

Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery

Year after year we can clearly see an increase in the usage of cosmetic surgery procedures. And one primary reason is the growth of social media.

The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery conducted a poll relating to this. This showed surgeons seeing more than a 30 percent increase in the number of patients interested in plastic surgery to improve their image on social media.

Social media has also been accused of hurting your body image. People now judge your facial structure and body type more than ever. There is a constant comparison of yourself to unrealistic standards. In addition to this photoshop and filters are readily available to users to set unrealistic appearances.

Nose jobs, boob jobs, facelifts, and botox are very popular plastic surgery. Jawline surgery, chin line surgery, and fillers are also favored.

Looking at Emily doesn’t she look different from normal people? She seems to have mixed ethnicity. And yep the actress ethnically identifies herself as “Polish-Israeli” and has English, Irish, and German ancestry.

She was born on June 7, 1991. She is currently age 31 years. And honestly speaking she looks the same age and in some pics, she even looks older.

Emily has still not disclosed anything about having plastic surgery. But she did respond to people talking about her having breast implants.

She tweeted ‘For those meanies that insist I have had a boob job, here I am at 14 sooooo.’

It was responded to by someone calling it photoshopped. While another one added that there’s an interview saying she got one at 21 and regrets it now.

Unfortunately, we could find the interview in which she said this. If you ask us we also believe that Emily used photoshop because we feel that the color and lighting of the bra do match the rest of the pic.

Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery Procedures

Looking at her pics and comparing them to her pics when she was young, we did notice that there is a reshape in her nose. This indicates that Ratajkowski has had a rhinoplasty done.

                   Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

We also like to share the above pic to show that she has lip fillers. Thick lips can be achieved from makeup but not as plumped like the above photo.

The model has also revealed that she uses Pat McGrath’s Lust Lip Gloss in Blitz Gold. She describes it as yummy and it never dries up.

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Her lips thickness can also be from genes but we highly doubt it. In addition to this, although it is hard to notice but just focus on her jawline and chin do you see the difference? We predict that the model decided to go with jawline surgery plus a chin implant to give more finesse to her face cut. Look at the well-sculptured jaw she now has. It looks great.

Lastly, we didn’t find anything concrete about Emily having boob jobs and we also didn’t see a drastic difference in their size. So no we don’t believe she has had a breast implant.

Plastic surgery or not Emily looks damn hot. Some say that this is because of Ratajkowski’s veg diet. However, she loves meat and doesn’t have a specific route she follows.

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