Equalizer Star Queen Latifah’s Weight Loss rumors

Equalizer Star Queen Latifah’s Weight Loss rumors

Find out all about Queen Latifah’s weight loss rumors with before and after snippets in detail

Dana Elaine Owens, popular known as Queen Latifah, is an American rapper, actress, and singer. Her career in the mainstream started when she signed with Tommy Boy Records in 1989. And later on, she released her debut album All Hail the Queen on November 28 the same year, featuring the hit single “Ladies First”.

Currently, most of her loyal followers know her for playing the role of Robyn McCall in the American spy thriller television series, Equalizer. But some of her fans have claimed that they notice a significant loss in weight. And they have been wanting to know if Queen Latifah had a weight loss.

Thus. we found it a necessary topic to discuss. And we have also collected and compared some of her before and after snippets.

Queen Latifah Weight Loss

Queen Latifah has expressed her similar experiences in showbiz. The actress has felt the pressure so much that she was literally been asked to lose weight. She said: “Luckily I have people who are like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to happen. ‘”They told her she’s not losing weight for you.

                  Queen Latifah Weight Loss (Before and After)             (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

The singer felt outraged because of such requests because it made her feel like I was fine and normal in her eyes.

She has questioned those people on why they want her to have a weight loss? Latifah also added that several women out there who appear like her but don’t have such popularity.  She feels that she is presenting for people who don’t believe in weight loss.

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Previously back in 2008, she had a weight loss she lost around 20 pounds. It happened while the actress became Jenny Craig’s spokesperson. She also revealed that she is not losing weight but about health. And said she was comfortable with this much weight loss.

Latifah has also openly admitted that she transformed her body for a role—if it’s necessary for the character.

Nonetheless, the question still remains did the singer really have a weight loss recently. Well, there has been a ton of articles on her thought about weight loss and her past experiences. But there is nothing relating to her weight loss as of late.

So we knew we had to do some digging. And we searched for her Instagram. And we found that she might have had a weight loss but it is not drastic as people expect it to be. Comparing her before and after photos, there is not much of a difference in her appearance.

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