Mary Mary Singer Erica Campbell Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

R&B Singer Erica Campbell Weight Loss Facts!!!

Everything you have been searching about R&B singer Erica Campbell Weight Loss Journey, Before and After Comparison, Transformation and more

The famous singer Erica Campbell has recently gone through a weight loss procedure. And people are wondering about her diets plans, workout plans and all the secrets to her weight loss. The song-writer have made clear that she went through transformation. So, people have been raising different queries regarding her weight loss.

What was her routine like during weight loss procedure? How much pounds did she lose in all those times? What were the workout routines that resulted in such changes? Know all the answers to these questions here.

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Erica Campbell Weight Loss News

Making global recognition as a gospel singer, she has now a separate and huge fan base following her every steps. The singer has been in the media for more than 20 years. So, people really have seen her transformation from a close range. The R&B singer used to have a struggling time with her weight like her sister, Tina Campbell.

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The Snippet of the singer
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Best known from Mary Mary duo, both sisters have also set an example with their weight loss transformation. After weight loss, she has a great physique for which she should be proud as well. Major changes are due to her diet control. As said by blackdoctor, the singer said, “If I don’t eat right I won’t live long or I live miserable due to health problems.” She concluded with, “Let’s get healthy.. And Live.”

This says that she believes in we’re everything we eat. The talented singer previously had some problem with blood pressure and stroke due to her weight. This might have triggered her want to lose pounds. However, unlike other stars, Erica has always been open with her weight loss journey and has been continuously sharing her tips and tricks with public.

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Her humble behavior with each of her fans also has made her fans and followers admire her more. The weight loss suddenly covered up the internet section when Erica seemed totally different during the performance of Super Bowl weekend. Later, it was revealed that the singer is on her weight loss journey which is going pretty well.

Secrets to her Transformation

She also shared through her Instagram that the shedding pounds could be really hard at the time. Someone motivating like her mom might be a supportive point during such painful journey. She also gave encouragement to her admirers, “give yourself time and celebrate the small wins, yes even 1lb. Do the work and be patient. Pray pray pray you can do this.”

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She has changed a lot
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The 49-year old singer was 184 pounds  but she later dropped about 14-15 pounds. She also mentioned that she has a goal of reaching 150 by the end of her journey. Many people start praising her ability to get into such transformation routine. Some also said the singer might be doing that for enhancing her figure and increasing her attractiveness.

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But she made clear about that point as well according to essence. She penned, “I don’t wanna lose weight because I’m in the public eye, but because I wanna live for me for my family & to honor the life God has given me.”

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Such positivity has supported her all along the shedding journey. Stay connected at her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for any recent news and updates about the star. The ‘Walking’ singer also has shared about her dieting tips at her YouTube channel. Checkout out them too.

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