‘Tiger King’ Erik Cowie Teeth and Death!!!

‘Tiger King’ Erik Cowie Teeth and Death!!!

Every Detail about ‘Tiger King’ Star Erik Cowie Teeth, Before and After, Cause of Death, Dental Veneers, and more

Known by the name “Tiger King” Erik Cowie‘s death came as a shock to everyone. With his untimely demise, people also have been wondering what happened to his teeth. So, we are here with the article to tell everything about the star’s teeth and death.

The tiger king had made his own fan base with his service in the animal park. Not only among fans but Cowie was equally popular with other staff of the park. The sources wrote the man in charge, Jeff Lowe, gave Erik such a beautiful smile as a gift respecting his devotion and care for the animals.

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The Snippet of Erik Cowie
Image Source: NY Daily News

The animal lover previously had crooked teeth which made him conscious and less confident. So, he also was uncomfortable talking in the media as well as he felt bad about his teeth.

Erik Cowie Teeth Implants

Seeing the condition, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe decided to pay with a surprise treatment over teeth. Then, the head zookeeper was flown to Florida for 48-hour dental surgery. At last, the treatment paid off really well and the tiger king had a really healthy smile.

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Erik Cowie Before and After Teeth Implants
Image Source: Reddit

The first picture got posted on Reddit where he sat down on a dentist’s chair. After that, fans and followers started posting back-to-back transformation pictures of the star surprising every reader. Some even expressed their surprise saying the animal caregiver looked totally different.

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John also transformed a lot with a new set of teeth
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Erik previously too was involved with caring for animals as a head keeper of Zoo, “Zoe Exotic”. However, with some incidents with Zoe and Cowie, he could no longer be a part of it. So, Cowie isn’t the first person to go through such teeth enhancements as John Finlay also went through a transformation during the pandemic.

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Exotic’s previous member had few missing teeth which made his smile seem unhealthy. The same person was later unrecognizable with a new set of teeth. The former tiger king star was loved by almost all for his new looks and new smile.

The Reason Behind his Untimely Death

Erik was just 53 years old at the time of his death. The star who has just started his career with a new smile was found dead in a bedroom by his friend. As the cause of the death is still not clear, the site has been assuming their own opinions regarding his death.

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His Death Really Shocked Everyone
Image Source: New York Post

Some have said he had a drinking problem which might be the reason he left the world at such an age. While others have accentuated he was a drug addict as well. They even have substantiated saying the star’s crooked teeth were the result of more meth. However, Zookeeper Cowie also had mentioned his drinking problem, so, it is likely the habit had something to do with his death.

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