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Every Details About Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery

Grab all the details about ‘The Undoing’ star Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery, Botox, other possible procedures, and many more.

If you are among one of them who is fond of watching series and movies then Nicole Kidman isn’t a new name for you. For those of you wondering, Nicole is a famous Australian actress, producer, and singer. Furthermore, the gorgeous-looking actress won the Academy Award for portraying the writer Virginia Woolf in the drama The Hours (2002).

Nicole, who hails from Honolulu has been entertaining the audiences with her incredible acting skills. Moreover, she amazed everyone in the finale of HBO’s The Undoing. Despite her incredible acting in the series, the public took a keen interest in her facial structure. Something had changed and the fans were quick to notice. And soon enough, rumors started surfacing about possible plastic surgery. So, did she really went through cosmetic surgery? Without any delay, let’s dig in.

Did Nicole Kidman Go through Plastic Surgery?

The 53 years old actress with a pair of blue eyes, Nicole Kidman has garnered a huge fan base with her beautiful face and acting skills. However, being the biggest name of the entertainment industry, queries about her looks arise. And, on top of that, after watching her hit The Undoing, people soon found out that her facial structure has been changed.

What do you think about Nicole Kidman's Plastic Surgery?

What do you think about Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery?
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Likewise, and, if you are a regular visitor of her Instagram account then you might have already learned that her appearance has surely changed. And, researching about the topics, we came to know that she had at least went through Botox implants. But, some sources also have claimed that the ex-wife of Tom Cruise had also done Lips Augmentation. However, The Others star has remained tight lips regarding it.

Nicole Kidman’s Botox Implants – Before and After Comparison

Nicole Kidman’s face has surely changed over the years. And, appearing more beautiful as she has been aging, arises more questions regarding her appearance. Some people also started to speculate that she also had gone through cosmetic surgery. But, the Big Little Lies star insists on not going through plastic surgery. And, when she was asked about her changing appearance, she replied-

“I am completely natural, I have nothing in my face or anything. And, I wear sunscreen. I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.”

As the saying goes “people may lie but, the picture won’t.” The same happens to the actress where nobody believed her. And, later, she¬†revealed

“I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.”

And, if you compare her before and after Botox implants snippet then you can see that her current face is shinier than before. Once the rumors emerge saying that the Rabbit Hole star had done multiple Botox implants, but, the actress denied it. Moreover, Botox has smoothed her crow’s feet.

The snippet of Nicole Kidman's Before and After Botox implants

The snippet of Nicole Kidman’s Before and After Botox implants
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Even though the Australian actress went through Botox implants, she has equally contributed to the showbiz industry. With her incredible acting and lovable face, she has garnered a huge fanbase on social media platforms. Also, learn about Ann Dowd’s Weight Loss

What Does Specialist Say about Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery?

Due to her perfect face, some surgeons shared about her possible treatment to look so youthful. Dr. Agullo shared

“It seems like Nicole has recently had several treatments and procedures to her face and neck. She looks rejuvenated, possibly from fat injections to the face, to replenish the volume loss that happens as we age.”

Pam Agullo, MD also talked about Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery, saying

“Nicole is looking radiant and happy these days, probably from getting full-face neurotoxin, which addresses wrinkles. It also seems that she has had volume replenished all over her face, either with fat injections or fillers.”

Regarding her plastic surgery, some fans were upset where some were happy. `Some upset fans shared

“I hate to write this, because it is unusual for me, but is anyone else super distracted by Nicole Kidman’s face in #TheUndoing ?? She is such natural beauty – absolutely gorgeous! The fillers don’t agree with her at all.”

However, some specialists also shared that she might have gone through Lips Augmentation, fillers, and neck surgery, but, the Nine Perfect Strangers star denied all the procedures and insist that she had gone through Botox only.

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