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Everything about BatDad’s wife Jen Wilson(BatMom)

Find out all about prominent American social media star, Jen Wilson’s bio, net worth, early life, marital status, and more.

Jen Wilson aka BatMom is popularly known as the matriarch of the popular internet family the Wilsons.  Her husband Blake Wilson aka BatDad rose to fame with his video ‘Vine’. Furthermore, he originally gained a lot of popularity on the social media platform Vine.

In his videos, Jen and her children are often the subjects of pranks. After vines shut down, BadDad has gained a lot of popularity on Facebook and Youtube.

Furthermore, Blake had over 3 million followers on Vine before it shut down. However, he now has over 8 million likes on Facebook. Blake also has over 1.4 Million followers on Instagram.

He and his family have caught the attention of many people. Especially, his wife and the rumors of their divorce.

Who is Jen Wilson? Bio-Wiki

Jen Wilson was born on November 16, 1982, and is currently 38 years old. She has not mentioned her birthplace. The nationality of the Batmom is American. Her birth name was ‘Jennifer Smith’.

Jennifer Wilson
                  Jennifer Wilson (Image Source: Articlebio)

Wilson doesn’t intend to tell her detail as of now, she seems to be a very private person. Additionally, the ‘BadDad’  video was the reason Wilson was famous. However, stay tuned we will update you asap.

Jen Wilson BatMom And Blake Wilson BatDad Divorce

Jen Wilson has been married to Blake Wilson. They have four children. By 2004 she had already had her first child Taylor. In 2007 they welcomed their second child Kaya, following that they had twins Sienna and Ben in 2010.

In the spring of 2019, there was gossip about the pair ending their relationship. Fans started noticing that Batmom’s appearances in her husbands’ videos were noticeably decreasing. Later, BatDad confirmed that they have separated.

     Jen-Wilson-posing-for-a-posing-for-a-photo-with-her-family                               (Image Source: Biographymask)

In 2013, Blake admitted Jen was annoyed by his videos as the BatDad character and that he feels bad for her. Many of his fans speculate that maybe Jen ultimately got tired of his antics. Some rumors say that she could not adjust to the increase in popularity they were getting. However, the reason still has not been unwrapped.

Sadly, we also know by reports that Jen was the one who filed the divorce. Their separation worried his followers as they speculate his videos would lose their fun. However, they are doing their best to be co-parents.

According to Blake’s Instagram posts, Blake was handed the responsibility of his twin children, Ben and Sienna Wilson, and the custody of his two daughters, Taylor and Kaya Wilson was given to Jen.

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However, after the divorce, Wilson seems to have maintained a very low-key personality and has not shared anything about her relationship. On the other hand, his ex-husband has started dating has mentioned his girlfriend on his Instagram.

What is Jen Wilson’s Net Worth?

BatMom has not disclosed her present occupation, but the 38 years old is definitely living a lavish and rich lifestyle out of her mysterious career. Her ex-husband’s videos are also a source of income. However, the exact amount is unknown.

BatDad and BatMom (Image Source: Hollywood)
             BatDad and BatMom (Image Source: Hollywood)

On the other, Blake is estimated to have a net worth of over $500 million. His main earning is from the advertising revenue of Youtube as his channel has over 70 million views in total.

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Furthermore, he also collects big money from his Instagram account. Additionally, he also has his official website where he sells merchandise. He also sells his own merchandise on his official website.

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