Everything about Shannon Beader Weight Loss in Detail.

Everything about Shannon Beader Weight Loss in Detail.

Find out all the facts about Shannon Beador’s weight loss – before and after and weight-loss details.

Shannon Beador first rose to fame after appearing on season 9 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Besides being a reality TV star, Beador is also an entrepreneur. Shannon has three daughters whose names are Stella, Adeline, and Sophie with her ex-husband David Bea

Read more to find out all the details about Shannon Beador’s weight loss – before and after and weight-loss details.

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Shannon Beador weight loss – before and after

On January 23, 2019, Shannon posted her body after the weight loss with the caption,Getting there…  on Instagram.

When fans saw her picture, many fans were shocked to see the reality TV star’s weight loss transformation. According to sources, the 57-year-old started her weight loss journey at the end of 2018.

        Shannon Beador weight loss (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

She had been working really hard to reach her body goals. We compared the before and after photos of the actress to see the weight loss changes.

Before her weight loss journey, Shannon revealed that her weight gain was 40 pounds. Her weight loss was mostly due to stress eating. Her weight was 134 pounds in 2015 which was already more than what she typically weighed.

What was the main motivation for Beador to lose weight? According to the Lemon-Aid founder, the main motivation behind her decision to lose weight is her family. After thinking about her daughters, the 57-year-old thought about making a life change by losing weight.

Shannon Beador Weight Loss Details

How much weight did Shanon lose? When did she lose weight? The real housewives star said that The Real Housewives actress lost 15 pounds during lockdown due to COVID 19.

In the season 12 reunion of The Real Housewives, Shannon said that she had already lost 25 pounds which were back in the fall of 2017. Also, the 57-year-old expressed her enthusiasm to reach her goal of losing 15 more pounds. What was the reason for the weight loss?

The TV star said that weight gain had made her lose her confidence and had insecurity. For someone who was normally size 2 or size 4 weight, sudden weight gain had made herself feel not good when cameras were rolling.

Also, for someone working in front of the camera, it is common for her to be sensitive about her body and weight. How did Shannon lose weight? The mother of three lost her weight through a strict diet and regular workouts.

The entrepreneur did not hesitate to join a gym to reach her body goals. Beador has been keeping her fans updated about her weight loss journey through Instagram.

She has shared her workout posts on her Instagram. However, Beador revealed that just working out is not enough for weight loss transformation. The Real founder said that losing weight was difficult even though she was doing her regular workouts at the gym.

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The mother revealed that losing weight was difficult because of not eating right. Later on, weight loss came naturally to Shannon when the focus was more on her food consumption. Beador focuses on diet for weight loss. The TV star suggests eating protein and vegetables for weight loss.

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