Facts about Conor McGregor's Teeth– Before and After, teeth treatment

Facts about Conor McGregor’s Teeth– Before and After and teeth treatment

Find out all the facts about Conor McGregor’s teeth– before and after and teeth treatment.

Conor McGregor is famous as a former Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) featherweight and lightweight double-champion. Conor is ranked number 9 in the UFC lightweight rankings as of 19 July 2021. The former Cage Warriors featherweight and the lightweight champion was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Recently, the 33-year-old has been on the news for his new teeth. We have all the information about mixed martial artists. Read more to find out all the details about Conor McGregor’s teeth – before and after and teeth treatment.

Conor McGregor teeth – before and after

How different Conor McGregor’s teeth look different than before? Conor had a missing tooth before. His teeth were missing on the front side of his lower teeth.

                    Conor McGregor teeth fix (Before and After)                                                (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

We searched many photos of the fighter online and on his social media like Instagram to compare his teeth before and now. From the pictures, we can see that the 33-year-old didn’t have shiny pearly white teeth as he has now.

The teeth have hugely impacted the professional fighter’s appearance. His smile is more eye-catching after he got new teeth. The fighter has mostly been sharing photos of his new teeth on his Instagram. He cannot stop smiling and looks very happy after his teeth treatment.

Conor McGregor teeth treatment

Why did Conor McGregor have the need to get new teeth? Back in 2014, the Irish martial artist broke his tooth in a UFC fight. He was fighting with Dustin Pourier.

Unfortunately, Pourier landed a punch to knock off McGregor’s bottom tooth. Thus, we believe that the former UFC fighter was in a need of a tooth replacement if not a whole set of teeth replacement.

McGregor just did that and got a whole set of pearly white teeth. Conor revealed his new teeth through his Instagram account. He posted that his smile was finally matching his bank account.

His tooth procedures were not only for aesthetic reasons but for medical ones too. His teeth treatment has been beneficial for the lightweight double champion’s health too.

What cosmetic procedures has the former professional UFC fighter done? Unfortunately, the fighter hasn’t spoken up about what dental procedures he has done. In addition, there is no information that reveals McGregor’s teeth treatments.

However, taking a closer look at the fighter’s teeth, we speculate some procedures that the 33-year-old may have done. We speculate that the fighter got a new tooth for his missing tooth.

Also, when he got treatment for his new tooth, he also got veneers for other reasons. How much did his teeth treatment cost?

According to sources, a single tooth implant costs between $1,500 to $2,000. In addition, he got veneers too. Typically veneers cost around $925 to $2,500.

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There are different types of veneers like porcelain veneer and composite veneer. There is no need to extract any tooth to apply the veneer. Thus, it may not have taken much time for the fighter to get shiny teeth that look new.

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