Bo Derek Plastic Surgery, Husband, John Corbett, '10', Age Difference

Facts about ‘Tarzan, the Ape Man’ actress Bo Derek Plastic Surgery and Future Husband!!!

Find out all about the actress of the vintage movie ’10’ actress Bo Derek’s plastic surgery updates, husband, John Corbett, and more

Mary Cathleen Collins aka Bo Derek is an American film and television actress, and model perhaps best known for her breakthrough film role in the sex comedy 10 (1979). She is one of the most beautiful women of her decade.

However, rumors of Bo undergoing plastic surgery have caught the attention of her fans who want to know all about it. In addition to her relationship with John Corbett. Thus, we have made this article to solve your queries.

Bo Derek and Her Husband John Corbett’s Married Life & Age Difference

Recently, on August 4, the American actor, John Corbett shared a video in a tweet with him wearing an engagement ring. Corbett 60, and Derek, 64, have been in a relationship for almost two decades. In April 2020, the 10 actresses opened up in an interview on the reason why they had yet to wed.

“I think when you’re beginning a young family and you’re going to have children and set up this new family tree branch, it’s obviously a wonderful commitment and it’s meaningful,” she said at the time. “But for us in our lives, it hasn’t been yet.”

The 60-year-old continued saying how she sees Corbett.

“He makes me laugh all the time. He’s full of life, full of joy. I became attracted to him and I still am. We take things day by day and I think we are still there,” Derek continued. “We’re starting to get a little more settled.”

‘Sex and the City’ actor Corbett too has changed from his former self as previously the actor believed that the secret to a successful relationship is not getting married at all. Explaining how he has seen his friends get married only to get divorced.

The American actress, Bo Derek with her husband, John Corbett

The American actress, Bo Derek with her husband, John Corbett
Image Source: FR 24

However, in an interview, John said he has changed the 64-year-old has finally admitted to wanting to get married.

“After 20 years we decided to get married, we didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated. We thought, ‘Well, let’s get one nice thing out of it'”

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The marriage will talk place at Christmas time. Furthermore, he also explained what kind of couple they actually are. According to him, they are pretty private people and don’t make a fuss about their reason, all our friends and family know about them. We hope they have a very happy married life.

Are ’10’ star, Bo Derek Plastic Surgery Rumors True or False?

The Bolero actress, Bo Derek has recently been speculated to have gone through plastic surgery. Although there has been no confirmation from any reliable resource, examining her face we believe she has done at least two plastic surgeries.

Compare and share your opinion on Bo Derek Plastic Surgery rumors

Compare and share your opinion on Bo Derek Plastic Surgery rumors
Image Source: LovelySurgery

Firstly, her cheek, mouth, and eyes area look pulled unnaturally which indicates that she has done a facelift. Secondly, the actress’s face skin seems suspiciously smooth for her age, indicating that she went through botox surgery.

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This is what Tarzan, the Ape Man actress had to say about aging in general. Aging is hard to admit to when you’ve lived in the spotlight for the better part of your life.

“I realize that it doesn’t last forever. Aging is really hard, and it’s tough”

She also talked about the expectation of the public, for every celebrity to look glamorous and beautiful as if aging doesn’t affect her.

“I get credit on one hand for not having had a facelift, and then on the other hand it’s, ‘Oh my God, why doesn’t she do something?’ So you’re just torn.”

When asked about the secret of her beauty. The ’10’ actress revealed it is because she uses day-to-day skin products which include sunscreen with SPF of 60, body milk, and moisturizing cream to prevent her skin from drying Twitter handle.

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