Maurissa Gunn weight loss (Image Source: celebsdiaries)

Facts about the Contestant of 24th season The Bachelor, Maurissa Gunn Weight Loss

Find out all about the Bachelor in Paradise star, Maurissa Gunn weight loss journey, before & after comparison, diet plans, workouts, and more

Maurissa Gunn was first seen in the modeling industry when she competed in the Miss Teen Montana USA pageants. With her charismatic personality, she impressed the judges and was crowned Miss Teen Montana/ Miss Congeniality (2012). However, unlike others, she did not pursue her career in modeling in the future.

She is currently working as a patient care coordinator for a plastic surgeon. Recently, Maurissa joined the line-up of Bachelor in Paradise stars on the search for love. And had a drastic weight loss. Followers of the show have questions about the whole of Maurissa’s weight loss scenario.

Maurissa Gunn Weight Loss Journey, Before & After Comparison

According to The Bachelor contestant, when she left the pageant and attended college. She didn’t find it a necessity to maintain her body. Maurissa did not care about her being judged by her body and wanted nothing to do with being healthy. Furthermore, she added that she hated all the gym duties and healthy food.

Maurissa Gunn weight loss
        Maurissa Gunn weight loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Gunn says that a weight had been lifted after trying to fulfill a certain ideal for the pageant world. The 25-year-old gained 80 pounds and did not even realize it initially. Because she was very sad at that moment. Why was Maurissa so sad?- It might be because of her break-up.

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Turns out that the former softball player went to college with her high school sweetheart. However, they eventually broke up. What she said next was very interesting. She stated that her ex-boyfriend going to the gym all the time and got an amazing body. Gunn added:

“This is my time! It’s my turn to step it up. I definitely felt fueled by that so-called”revenge body” mindset, which also wasn’t healthy.”

And she really managed to lose over 80 pounds in her journey of weight loss. Also, visit her Instagram handle for more before and after snippets.

Miss Teen Montana’s Weight Loss Plan, Diets, Workouts, and more

According to Miss Teen Montana, she was always confident that she was capable of making her weight transformation. As in her early days, she had a very athletic, muscular build and was not overweight. She is also a former semi-professional softball player.

Maurissa Gunn weight loss
  Maurissa Gunn weight loss diet plans  (Image Source: TVguideline)

Talking about Gunn’s weight loss plan, the 25-year-old has revealed two things. Firstly, she changed her way of eating. Finding that boring food can also be tasty if prepared with the right recipe. Maurissa started to love healthy food like fruits and veggies.

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Secondly, she claims that she hitting the gym three to five times per week to keep her body fit. Moreover, the Bachelor in Paradise star, says that people should not judge a person’s overweight body. And being overweight doesn’t mean that you need to be sad. On being asked about Gunn’s weight loss, she responded by saying that she is at the happiest point in her life, since finding a healthy balance.

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