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Facts about the ‘Spice World’ actress, Mel C Teeth; Grab Details about Her Net Worth & Husband

Find out all about the ‘Spice World’ actress, Mel C teeth, net worth, and boyfriend in detail

Spice World actress Mel C aka Melanie Jayne Chisholm is an English actress, singer, and fitness model. The 47-year-old actress is also widely known as a member of the British pop group Spice Girls. In fact, Mel C was also nicknamed Sporty Spice during her time in Spice Girls.

When she first appeared as Sporty Spice she definitely drew people’s attention because of her unique teeth so we will cover why is everyone drawn to Mel C teeth and also being a part of the successful pop girl group and an actress of a huge movie Spice World, how much fortune has the Gogglebox star made for herself. In addition, we will give more detail about Mel C’s boyfriend.

What Is So Interesting about Mel C Teeth?

So what made Mel C teeth distinguished from others? When she debuted as a member of Spice Girls, she was easily recognized because of her unique teeth. During her time as a Sporty Spice, she was very famous for her sporty look.

Mel C Teeth Before and After
       Mel C Teeth Before and After (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

However, what set her apart was her gold-capped incisor placed between her central incisor and canine tooth. Fans definitely had their eyes on her gold tooth during her Sport Spice days. Why did Mel C have a gold tooth?

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During an interview with Vogue magazine, Mel C answers the questions laughing she got the gold tooth in L.A. just because she wanted one and that’s how crazy her life was at the time. Also, visit her Instagram account.

Were Mel C’s Teeth Considered Bad?

It is well known that Mel C’s teeth were not perfect but what did people think about her teeth. She wasn’t any less popular among other Spice Girls fans because of her unaligned teeth. However, according to the survey published by The Age in 2002 she along with Ozzy Osbourne, English singer, songwriter, and television personality, were Britons with the worst teeth.

Mel C teeth
                   Mel C smiling teeth (Image Source: Instagram)

Has the Spice World actress done work to her teeth to make it better? Apparently, her teeth have not gone through a lot of changes since then. Although, speculating her before and after photos, she has had cosmetic work done to her teeth. Her teeth are much whiter than before which is clearly the work of a good professional hygienist.

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Now, after so many years people are wondering does she still have the gold tooth? It is hard for Spice Girls fans to think of her without her signature gold tooth. But today she no longer has her gold tooth and Mel C is in her late forty’s with a child, living as a mother.

How Much Is Mel C Net Worth?

Mel C’s net worth currently as of 2021 is $20 million. Most of her earnings come from being a member of the Sporty Spice. Furthermore, she has also worked as an actress, DJ, and also in reality TV Gogglebox and America’s Got Talent. Mel C also has been pursuing her solo career along with being a member of the Spice Girls.

Mel C net worth
                 The Snippet of  Mel C (Image Source: Instagram)

She released a self-titled album that sold 12 million solo albums worldwide making it no surprise when her album reached UK’s top 10. The singer has been the most successful in her solo career among her Spice Girls’ members with 8 studio albums. Mel C was not successful all the time. She has had her fair share of struggles and hardships. Her first solo album titled ‘Northern Star’ didn’t sell well. She had to hustle for some years before releasing her second album.

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Amidst all the work she was doing to find success in her solo career, Mel C went through depression but recovered soon. She also worked in different soundtrack films before finding success without Spice Girls. Today, Mel C is doing very well as a solo artist, TV star and also she was a huge hit in the musical Blood Brothers.

Who is Her Boyfriend? Does She Have a Husband?

We know a lot of her fans want to know about Mel C’s boyfriend. Likewise, she has been in a long-term relationship with Joe Marshall since 2015. Who is Joe Marshall? Not much about Sporty Spice’s boyfriend is known besides the fact he is her manager.

Mel C boyfriend
          Mel C and Joss Jonathan (Image Source: Instagram)

The Gogglebox star and Joe Marshall have been quite private about their relationship but in a recent interview Mel C opens up about her boyfriend saying that her boyfriend challenges her but respects and loves her and she adds she doesn’t think she has ever been in a relationship where anyone has got her back. Hinting she can count on him. They have been dating for seven years. More information on how they met has still not been unveiled. But it is clear that they are still dating as the couple was seen together in Mayfair, London not long ago.

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Besides being a star, Sporty Spice is a mother too. Mel C’s child was born in 2009 with her then partner Thomas Starr. Who is Thomas Starr? Thomas Starr is a property developer. He met her in 2002 in Barbados. Mel C dated Thomas Starr for ten years before separating. Before Joe Marshall and Thomas Starr, Mel C also dated Robbie Williams, who was a member of the boy band five and, musician and the lead vocalist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Anthony Kiedis.

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