Find out about Jewel Teeth Fix Rumors, Before and After Teeth Fix

Find out about Jewel Teeth Fix Rumors, Before and After Teeth Fix

Find out all the facts about Jewel’s teeth fix rumors and teeth before and after.

The American singer Jewel is famous for her songs. The singer has also set foot on an acting career. Jewel has mostly found success through music with four Grammy Award nominations. However, what sets her apart are her crooked teeth.

Recently, there have been many rumors on the internet and media that the Foolish Games singer fixed her teeth. Are the rumors true? Let’s find out. Read more to find out all the details about Jewel teeth fix rumors and teeth before and after.

Jewel Teeth Fix Rumors 

Did Jewel Fix her teeth? No, the singer has not fixed her teeth. It is not uncommon for celebrities working in the entertainment industry to fix their appearance to please the viewers.

                    Jewel Smiling (Image Source: Instagram)

However, Jewel is one of the celebrities who refuse to fit in the Hollywood beauty standards. How did her teeth fix rumors start?

In 2013, the actress put on prosthetic dentures for the role of June Carter Cash in the movie Ring of fire. Thus, the rumors may have started when viewers saw Jewel with perfect teeth in the movie. However, Jewel said that her teeth need no fixing and she is happy with her teeth just the way they are

The American Music Award nominee has seen girls going under the knife for rhinoplasty and breast augmentations to be accepted in the beauty standards.

The singer has admitted that she did consider fixing her teeth. But, there are also people who love her imperfect teeth.

She said that it wouldn’t matter whether she fixed her teeth or not. So, the Who Will Save Your Soul singer who says there are no shortcuts to success has made the decision to define beauty for herself and accept how she is.

Jewel Teeth and Net worth

Now that we know Jewel has not done any teeth fix. Let’s see how has it remained over the years. Has it changed? How different do her teeth look in 2021?

The singer has admitted that there are photos where her teeth were photoshopped to look perfect. However, if we look at her unedited photos we can see that her teeth look just like how they were before. Even in 2021, the actress is fixed on her decision to not get her teeth fixed

The American singer-songwriter is estimated to have a net worth of $14 million US dollars. With a successful musical career that has brought her wealth, the Grammy Award nominee could get any procedures done and also get teeth fixed.

It is her decision to not bow down to beauty standards set in the entertainment industry. Even after so many years, Jewel’s teeth have the same charm and need no fixing.

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Many celebrities set a valuable example to follow. Jewel tells her fans to accept who they are by not fixing her teeth. This is a great thing we should follow in a society where plastic surgeries have become a norm to get perfection in the public eye.

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