Nicoles Cage’s 5th Wife Riko Shibata Teeth Fix Details

Nicoles Cage’s 5th Wife Riko Shibata Teeth Fix Details

Find out all about Nicole Cage’s fifth wife Riko Shibata’s teeth fix with before and after photo comparisons in detail

Nicole Cage has always been known for being a great actor. He is appreciated in almost every movie he has done. Apart from this, people also have a keen interest in Cage’s wife Riko Shibata.

Nicolas and Riko first met in Shiga, Japan, and were spotted dating in the month of February 2020, while they were in New Orleans. And they have also announced recently that they are expecting their first baby.

Besides this fans have also noticed that there has been some difference in Riko’s teeth from before. And the rumors of her teeth fix has begun. So did Nicole’s wife have her teeth done? Let’s compare her before and after photos.

Nicole Cage’s Wife Riko Shibata Teeth Fix before and After

So do Shibata’s teeth fix rumors have some truth behind them? Well, the Japanese actress has never spoken about this.

In fact, Shibata is very secretive about her life, excluding her date of birth and profession, there is not much on the internet about her wiki or bio. Anyways, there has also not been much talk about Riko’s teeth in any of the reliable sites.

                  Riko Shibata Teeth Fix (Before and After)                                                      (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

And her husband has nothing to say about this as well. There has not been any evidence that can prove this as well. So are the teeth fix rumors baseless?

After not finding much about this over the internet, we decided to compare her before and after photos, ourselves. We would also like to add that finding Riko’s photo was no easy task. She has very few photos on the internet and even fewer photos that show her teeth.

And yes, although none of the sites have yet covered this, Shibata really has changed in her teeth. With the photos, we found it is clear that Riko has better teeth now than before.

When did Riko’s teeth fix rumors start? We can’t say specifically when the actress had her them. But we speculate that her teeth fix rumors started when the couple made their red carpet debut at the Pig Premiere.

And what teeth treatment has the 26-year-old actress done for her teeth transformation? Judging her before and after photos, we think that she got Veneers to make his teeth look whiter than before.

Did you know about her husband Nicolas Cage having his Teeth fixed? Before and after teeth fix

Additionally, we also speculate that she got Invisalign to make her teeth straight. As in her old photos, she had a lot of gaps between them. What does Invisalign do? Invisalign are transparent aligners made of plastic that can be used to straighten teeth. Moreover, they are an alternative to braces.

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