Did Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Undergo Beard & Hair Transplant?

Floyd Mayweather Hair Transplant

Grab all details of the boxing tycoon Floyd Mayweather’s hair & beard transplant with before and after comparison.

Lately, the internet’s going crazy with the new looks of the former boxer and American boxing promoter Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr., Yes, we’re talking about the boxer’s new hair & beard transplant looks.

Those who’ve been following the boxing champ might well know that Mayweather’s bald on his frontal area and always had those bald looks. And now if overlook his recent images, we can notice that he has hair all over his scalp. Honestly speaking the new hairy look has given some changes in his original appearance as he seems different & handsome. So has the star went for implants for his new look or are they natural, hold on as we’ve presented you with all the details,

Did Floyd Mayweather Undergo Hair Transplant? Before & After

It’s a no-brainer, Yes, Mayweather got a hair transplant, which clear evidence can be seen via Mayweather’s Instagram post. If you compare Floyd images from past and present then you can easily witness the changes in the 43-year-old boxer looks.

George Floyd Mayweather hair trnplant

Floyd before and after hair transformation.
Image Source: Instagram

Mayweather transplant seems to be successful as his new hairlines look so natural. The 15 world title holder’s plantation seems original where one cannot directly point out it a real or fake. To get a clear view, we have presented you with his before and after transplant images describing the part where he has made subtle changes.

How is Floyd Mayweather New Hair Line

The 44-years-old has a clear hairline now, as his mid-scalp seems to be fully filled with hair, however, one can never tell his hair being implanted. The one on the right is from the boxer’s latest Instagram post where his scalp seems to be full of hair. As you can see they look so natural with perfect hairlines from front scale to lining to the temple.

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His implants are perfect and done by professional, well, it the Money Mayweather hair who has a net worth of more than $500 million. He can get the transplant done by any top-notch clinic, and his new looks also tell that it was done by a professional. However, Floyd is yet to unveil the place’s name where he did his transplant.

Floyd Mayweather Also Had a Beard Transplant

The world champion did not just go for a hair transplant but also had a beard transplant. Money Mayweather shocked his fans by sharing his first-ever snap with a thick mustache and goatee.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Beard Transplant

The highlighted part is where hair implants are done.
Image Source: CD

As you can see, we’ve presented two images for comparison, where the image on the left shows Mayweather’s old looks (bald looks). Similarly, the image on the right side with an underline is the area where Floyd did his transplant. Above we discussed the Featherweight champion hair implants, but it’s not just limited to that as the athlete also showed up with his full-fledged beard look.

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The 1.73m tall athlete gave some enhancement to his beard by thickening facial on his cheek, sideburn, and neck area. Mayweather beard transplant got more popular and hyped after his former best friend-turned rival 50 Cent teased about his implants via an Instagram post dissing the world champion sharing that “he took hair from ass and put on his face“.

What Happened to Mayweather & Logan Paul Match?

Floyd and YouTuber Logan Paul were scheduled to fight last month but due to some internal problems, the match which was set to happen on 20th February 2021, is now postponed to June 6.

The news was officially announced by Fanmio founder and CEO Solomon Engel, who shared,

“After an absolutely tremendous response to the fight announcement, we’re hoping to announce a new date very soon along with some new exciting details”

Talking about the upcoming bout, Paul was actually the one who challenged Mayweather for the fight and after fans & outlets started to constantly prick at Mayweather, he made it official uploading their match date on February, 20.

Sharing to the podcast, IMPAUSLSIVE Clips, the 26 years old YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul shared the current pandemic and sponsorship issues that postponed the match asserting that the match is not canceled and will be held soon.

And if you been following their match updates then you might’ve seen his brother Jake Paul steal Mayweather’s hat and things started going crazy at media promotion. Which tells that the match is going to be hyped, unlike any other matches. So which team are you in?

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