Former New York Giants Player Michael Strahan’s Teeth Fix

Everything about the Former New York Giants Player Michael Strahan’s Teeth Fix, before and after photo comparison, and more.

Michael Strahan is an American television personality and journalist. But is most famous for being a former professional American football player who played for New York Giants.

He was a key player for the New York Giants. In his last season, he contributed a lot to help the Giants win Super Bowl XLII over the New England Patriots in 2007. The football team has even retired the Number 92 jersey in 2021.

Did you know that Strahan made a cameo in the movie Charlie’s Angels (2019) as Bosley from the Townsend Agency’s New York branch? He also guest-starred as Dre’s cousin in the popular tv comedy series, Black-ish.

However, we have not written this article to discuss Michael’s career and work in the show biz.

The article is actually written to discuss the recent gossip surrounding the athlete. We have recently seen many people searching for Michael Strahan’s recent teeth fix. So is it true? Read below to find out.

Michael Strahan Teeth Fix

Since the early years of his career, we can see that the football star didn’t have the perfect teeth he has now. Moreover, his teeth are perfectly aligned than before.

          Michael Strahan Teeth Fix (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

So did Michael have his teeth done? Yes, the athlete went through dental treatments to have his teeth done.

And what teeth treatment has the 50-year-old done for his teeth transformation? Well, Strahan tweeted that he underwent a procedure to remove the trademark gap in his teeth. What does trademark gap in teeth mean? The visible gap between upper teeth.

How much does a tooth gap-filling cost? They cost around $40 to $400.

This kind of gap can be very noticeable in the wrong way. Are gap teeth rare? they often disappear once the baby teeth are shed and permanent teeth grow in. It is very common to have dental treatment on which issues.

He also posted a video to his Twitter account. In the video, Strahan is getting a mold of his teeth and telling the camera that it’s been “Fifty years in the making.”

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Are his teeth fake? This is the funny question we find online. However, his teeth are not fake but simply missing the gaps that he had before. In his photos after he got treatment, his teeth are perfect.

But, apparently, there have been many people who don’t like his current appearance. We speculate that people are not used to this.

They have also expressed their disappointment in the post. One user also said that he wanted to punch Mr. Strahan to make gaps in his teeth reappear.

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