Former WWE Star Nia Jax Weight Loss Facts!!!

Former WWE Star Nia Jax Weight Loss Facts!!!

Everything you need to know about the Former WWE star Nia Jax weight loss before and after, injury, WWE career, Instagram and more

Coming to severe transformation of a celebrity, today we are here to talk about the WWE star Nia Jax. The wrestler whose real name is Savelina “Lina” Fanene lost a significant weight in a short span of time which raised her name as well as speculations.

Did the star really lost weight? How much weight transformation she went through? Know about her weight and height with comparison of before and after pictures.

Nia Jax Weight Loss Truth

People started the questions about her weight loss since they saw the latest post from the former wrestler. She looked a lot slimmer than before. Some also pointed out that she has really been putting her effort into improving herself. The 37-year-old star has much coming her way. So, people have been quite curious how the star will further take her career.

Nia Jax WWE (1)

The Snippet of the Wrestler
Image Source: WWE

The star rose to fame in the year 2014 with her exceptional performance in the wrestling ring. The actress even got the title of RAW Women’s Championship in 2018. Since then, people has been searching all the place about the star’s personal life.

WWE Journey and her Injury

The sad news came in November 2021 when she got out of the company. However, her admirers and followers haven’t given up. They are all updated about her each and every thing through social media like Instagram and Twitter. The reason for her getting out of WWE is said to be her injury in the last match which came as serious.

Nia Jax Elbow Injury and WWE

The elbow injury became serious
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

The reserved star now is getting used to all the attention she is getting. Besides, she also has been sharing about her life and whereabouts to her fans. The wrestler known for her name Nia Jax also took to the Instagram to change her name to Lina Fanene.

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The captions on some of her post also indicate that she hasn’t been completely over the fact that she is out of WWE company. But it is exemplary how she is handling the situation and is working hard for herself rather than sitting back and stressing.

The Wrestler’s Height and Weight

Regarding her weight loss, Sportskeeda have mentioned that she clearly lost weight. The site further explained that her coaches were fine with her previous weight, however, she thought to go through a transformation.

Nia Jax now (1)

She is in a great shape now
Image Source: Bleacher Report

Although, she has shed some pounds and is in her best shape. Lately, she weighs around 260+ lbs. She is 6ft tall which made her so unique in the field of wrestling.

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She was thinking about shedding some pounds since two years and now the exceptional result came out. People are loving her new physique and sending lots of good luck and best wishes for whatever may be coming her way.

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