Fox News’ Nicole Saphier’s plastic surgery

Fox News’ Nicole Saphier’s plastic surgery

Everything about Nicole Saphier’s plastic surgery rumors with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Nicole Saphier is an American radiologist. She is also the director of breast imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth, New Jersey. We suspect all of you know her from her contributions to Fox News, Fox Business, and MSNBC.

Reading her wiki/bio, we also found that her father was an attorney and her mother is a licensed counselor who worked with children who were victims of abuse and mental illness.

Furthermore, we suspect that Nicole has been speculated to have had cosmetic surgeries done. So, we compared the doctor’s before and after snippets and this is what we found out.

Nicole Saphier Plastic Surgery- Before and After

Being in showbiz is truly difficult. You have to look as perfect as possible even if this means you need to use artificial surgery such as plastic surgery. And it’s not really uncommon now to have cosmetic surgeries. They are also regarded as fashion statements.

There are several plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery.  Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, facelift, and eye-brow lift are the most surgeries, botox, breast implant, and cheek augmentation/cheek implant are common as well.

               Nicole Saphier Plastic Surgery (Before and After)       (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

The radiologist does look a bit different than her previous photos. Firstly her facial skin looks more buffed now than before.

What might this mean? This means that she has had facelift surgeries done. Facelift and botox are a bit similar when it comes to making a person look younger by stretching their facial skin to remove wrinkles.

Some have also predicted that the Doctor is Italian. And yep, she comes from a large Italian family. Nonetheless speaking about her facelift it costs around $5k.

This is not a big deal for her because Nicole has earned an approximate fortune of $1 million this year. And according to sources, She is currently getting an annual salary of $130,106 to $228,488 from Fox News Channel.

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When did the facelift surgery happen? It happened very recently.

Reading more about Nicole Saphier, we also found that she has an autoimmune disease affecting my heart that I take immunosuppressive meds for, so there’s that. She has also tweeted about it.

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