Fran Kelly’s Weight loss Rumors, Ill, and Leaving ABC Show Details

Find out all about Fran Kelly’s Weight loss rumors, Ill, leaving ABC show and before and after photo comparison in detail.

Fran Kelly is an Australian radio presenter.  She hosted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National program Breakfast for over 16 years. And recently, she has decided to leave the radio show.

Kelly while her hosting days interviewed six prime ministers namely John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Malcolm  Turnbull, and Scott Morrison.

However, what we are writing is not about Fran’s career but her weight loss rumors. Are Fran Kelly’s weight loss rumors true? How different do her snippets from before and after look compared to one and another?

Read more to find all the details about Fran’s weight loss rumors and weight loss before and after. And we will be also discussing her diet plan and workout.

Fran Kelly’s Weight loss Rumors.

How much weight did Kelly lose? Unfortunately, Fran has not confirmed her weight. However, we can see her weight loss transformation rumors being searched.

                   Fran Kelly doing a workout (Image Source: Twitter)

People who know Kelly have also not talked about her weight loss. And there have not been any reliable sources that have touched upon the weight loss rumor.

Thus we can’t confirm Fran’s weight loss. Likewise, her diet plan and the reason behind the weight loss are also not disclosed.

We have also compared Fran’s before and after photos. There have not been significant differences between them. Also, Fran doesn’t frequently post her photos making it hard to make many comparisons if she really had weight loss recently.

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How much does Frans weigh? Frans stands at average height and moderate weight. So, are Kelly’s weight loss rumors true? No, we find the host’s weight loss rumors baseless. Because there has not been any evidence to prove it.

Fran Kelly Ill

People who follow her are also concerned about her health. We have seen many searches asking about Kelly’s illness.

                          Frans kelly (image source: Twitter)

Is Fran ill? No, Fran is not ill. We have seen a lot of searches about Fran’s illness but have no clear idea why people are searching for it.

There are a few reasons Kelly is searching for illness. We speculate that people think the reason the 63-year-old host left her radio show must be because she had an illness. However, Fran has not confirmed that she has any illness.

This might also be because one of her sisters suffering from cancer was not as being able to get treatment during the pandemic because of the lockdown.

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The 65-year-old also lost her partner,  Marion Frith passed out a couple of years ago due to sepsis.

Why is Fran Kelly leaving?

Did Fran Kelly leave ABC radio show? Yes, after 17years, Kelly has decided to end her hosting career for Radio National Breakfast. She told the Australian guardian before the show that this was her last day of hosting.

Fran said that while she was hosting Radio National Breakfast, and she had to be ready every day for the job. But now she can relax. Why is Fran Kelly leaving?

Fran has not revealed the exact reason why she leaving the show. But, we speculate that it is because of Fran’s age. How old is Fran Kelly? She is 63-years-old. At this age, Fran must have decided to relax for the rest of her life.

Who will take over from Fran Kelly? While according to reports, N Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas will take over in January. Where is Patricia Karvelas based? Patricia is also an Australian radio presenter, who is also currently hosting RN Breakfast on Radio National.

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