Francis Wharton deer teeth

Francis Wharton Deer Teeth Story – Before & After Comparison

Everything you want to know about Francis Wharton and his deer teeth story in depth.

Francis Wharton was a resourceful hunter and inventor. He lived near Little Fort B.C. in the 1950s and 60s. This article is going to be discussing him shooting a deer and using its teeth to make dentures for himself.

Francis was truly an independent person who lived his life and fulfilled his needs all on his own. Furthermore, Wharton also made his own clothes, cut his hair, and used whatever materials to make anything he needed.

Wharton was truly strange yet brilliant. In his time, Francis was also able to create a weapon that had the handiness of a pistol and the stopping power of a rifle.

Francis Wharton Teeth Analysis

According to Kathy Karkut, the collections manager at the Museum of Health Care in Kingston, Wharton astonishing made a very well-adjusted set of teeth for his full upper denture.

Francis Wharton deer teeth
                                          Francis Wharton deer teeth                                                            (Image Source: denture clinic in Hamilton)

The collections manager added that the hunter was just a common man. However, he took pride in his ingenuity. And rather than paying for dentures like everyone else. He chose to do it all by himself.

Furthermore, Wharton’s teeth were made of filed down deer’s teeth. Wait there is more to this, apparently, he put the deer’s teeth into a base of plastic wood and held it into place with household cement.

A contemporary magazine article about him reported he used the teeth for at least three years, despite Karkut describing them as “loose” and “dark and dirty.” Kathy Karkut added that he must have used a lot of polident.

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What is polident?  It is a common and popular brand of denture cleaner. They appear to be tablets that are dropped into warm water before being applied to teeth cleaning.

Analysts have also claimed that they are shocked at how someone who was not a practitioner in dental hygiene could pull something like this off.

What is the Story behind Francis Wharton’s Teeth?

IN 1932, Francis Wharton had to remove a mole from his right eye so he went to an Edmonton surgeon and asked what it would cost. Apparently, the cost was not what the young backwoodsman was hoping for.

Francis Wharton deer teeth
          Francis Wharton deer teeth (Image Source: Facebook)

So, Wharton decided to go back to his home to a log cabin at Dunn bake. B.C. The Strange thing is Francis decides to operate on his problem himself.

Nonetheless, the story of Wharton and his deer teeth is considered to be the most unusual feat of self-surgery he performed. Well, the story goes that one day in 1956, after bringing back a buck from a hunting trip.

The hunter realized that he couldn’t feast on much of the meat with his own teeth. Turns out his teeth were decayed or missing. He also realized that he didn’t have enough time to do much as the meat would have been unedible.

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Thus, an idea popped on his mind to use the set of deer teeth to eat its meat, creepy yet funny right? Thus, he removed the teeth from the buck, filed and ground them down to size, and mounted them on plates molded from plastic wood.

Then the inventor sat down to dinner as if it was any other day. And feasted on the animal with its own teeth. Turns out that the backwoodsman was still using the animal’s teeth till his death in 1959.

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