Freddie Mercury Teeth

Freddie Mercury Teeth

There may not be anyone who hasn’t heard the name of Freddie Mercury in the field of music. Serving as the lead vocalist of the rock band “Queen”, he created a lot of reputation and became an idol for many. The greatest singer of all time had unique teeth, so answering all your queries, let’s get forward with Freddie Mercury Teeth.

How were Freddie Mercury’s Teeth in Real?

It is known that the singer had some extra teeth, four, to be exact. Those teeth pushed the front teeth forward and thus he looked the way he was. His unique looks also come due to those teeth he possessed.

Freddie Mercury Teeth

Have a look at the star’s Teeth
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But the question arises why such a reputed and famous singer didn’t fix his teeth. Well, if you have been following his songs, they are pretty high-pitched. His four-octave range was also a primary reason he got worshipped. Some people have opined that Freddie thought his pitch went that range due to his teeth.

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The biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ also supported this theory as Freddie said and we quote,

“I was born with four additional incisors. More space in my mouth means more range.”

So, we can guess at this point he cared more about his voice than his looks. However, Peter Freestone cleared that the singer was also self-conscious about his teeth and used to cover the most of the time.

Did his teeth help him in singing?

Besides, other people also showed respect to conserve his vocal range despite his appearance. Ultimate classic rock presented different opinions of people about how the tongue, soft palate, and positions of teeth affect the singing pattern and their pronunciation. Some even assumed that Freddie might have a higher range if he had straightened his teeth.

Freddy Mercury Teeth and Singing

It seems his teeth provided support too
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Leave that as it may, Freddie not leaving his unique teeth was a good point after all. He got recognized so well by the teeth only, even the star Rami Malek used the set of fake teeth to copy the look. With large overbite teeth, the audience became more related and connected to the film, “Bohemian Rhapsody“.

Sex Pistols and Bill Grundy

Another interesting fact about Freddie’s teeth is how they affected the band Sex Pistols. Freddie surprised the fan when in the span of 15 years, he went to see a dentist. So, Queen was replaced by Sex Pistols.

Sex Pistols With Bill Grundy

A Snippet of Sex Pistols With Bill Grundy
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At the time, a “foul-mouthed agreement” happened and Bill Grundy even lost his job. So, some news sites even connected the whole incident with Freddie’s teeth.

We love smiles and have mentioned the reasons behind such teeth as heredity. However, singer Mercury never aligned his teeth but tried to distract the audience from it with his mustache by growing it.

Did Freddie Align his Teeth?

Was the Queen’s singing only because of his misaligned teeth? Or he would be a great singer despite his range? After the study, it is found that those teeth and his soft palate really helped him to sing. But all the credit can’t go to them.

Freddy Mercury Teeth Align

Freddie had a little change in his teeth after 
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Some even proposed that those overbites would make one’s pronunciation difficult. So, it is still a mystery how Freddie had such great control over his voice, and texture despite those teeth.

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