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Freshprinceceo aka Walter Weekes Bio, Fresh and Fit, Net Worth, Wife

Freshprinceceo – Find out all about the owner of Fresh and Fit, Walter Weekes’s wiki, net worth, and wife in detail.

Walter Weekes is a successful businessman from Miami. He is well-known for being a founder of Fresh and Fit. The public has seen him many times in the podcast Fresh and Fit. In addition to being a music producer, songwriter, and singer with vast experience in the industry.

At 20, Walter impressed everyone with his raw musical talent and ability to smoothly transition. He plays three genres namely jazz, hip hop, and soft rock.

Some music enthusiasts comparing his lyrics, composition, and his way of perceiving music to some of the greats, such as Frank Sinatra. His fan has an intrigue on knowing more about him. Thus we have made this article to answer your queries regarding Weekes’s age, net worth, and more.

Freshprinceceo Wiki

Walter Weekes was born in Atlanta GA. Moreover, he grew up on the small island of Barbados. Walter’s exact birth date is unclear. However, looking at his pictures he is speculated to be in his early 30s.  He started providing consultancy.

Freshprinceceo's Walter's and his business partner
                 Freshprinceceo’s Walter’s and his business partner
                                   (Image Source: Instagram)

Later on, he went to Miami. Along the way, he struggled with finding a job, find a relationship. His difficulty made him acquire skills and made him attract rather than chase.

Furthermore, he has not unveiled anything regarding his parents, family background, and siblings. Walter’s business helped guide men when they are in problems in regard to relationships, undertaking, self-development to the right kind of trail.

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Along the way to develop the business, he met Myron Gaines. They soon learned that they shared the same interest. And then decided to launch a podcast that focuses on mens’ personal improvement. 

They established a brand called Fresh And Fit. Unfortunately, Myron Gaines has been banned in Tiktok for posting a video on punishing women. Weekes is on Fb and Twitter with the account @FreshCeo4Life.  Along with that, the businessman uses Instagram @freshfrinceceo. He has gained 118K fans.

Freshprinceceo’s Fresh & Fit

Fresh & Fit is looking to expand their #1 podcast show in Miami to reach a wider audience. Myron and Walter will be expanding their business by creating better value for men through courses, YouTube, consulting, and Patreon.

Freshprinceceo's Walter's Wife
            Freshprinceceo’s Walter (Image Source: Instagram)

Freshprinceceo explains that they understand that there are so many sites offering advice, help, and ways to connect to others. Thus, there is a lot of noise that can confuse people on the best way to proceed.

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Fresh And Fit want to cancel out all this noise. Not only does he offer sage advice for helping clients improve their weakened link-ups, but he also helps with businesses and creating a better personality.

“We do multiple zoom calls for clients, we have a 24/7 telegram chat for our top tier clients. Also, we have been able to network with celebrities, youtube stars, and influencers all around the world,”

Walter Weekes, a fast-rising talent in the Atlanta music scene, understands this perfectly well. Weekes is a multi-talented artist, taking the music scene by storm.

Walter Weekes aka Freshprinceceo Net worth And Wife

Walter Weekes’s net worth is estimated to be in millions. Weekes’s primary source of income is his business in Fresh and Fit. He has many satisfied customers.

Freshprinceceo's Walter's Net Worth
  Freshprinceceo’s Walter’s Net Worth (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he has also earned a handsome amount of wealth from his social media platform and the music industry. The topic of Weekes’s wife has been one of the most interesting topics for him.

However, the man who has created so much betterment in other’s relationship, he is still single. He has not revealed anything regarding the subject.

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