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Unfold the Story of Gabe De Guzman – A Passionate Dancer

Grab all details of groovy dancer Gabe De Guzman including perosnal information such as dating, net worth, parents, age, height, and facts!

Californian young teenager, Gabe De Guzman is amazing hip-hop and freestyle dancer. He is famous for his signature steps like ‘Backflip’ and ‘Split’. ‘The Hall of Fame Junior National Championship’ winning dancer has shared the stage with renowned artist like Will Smith at the show ‘Kids Choice awards in 2012,’ and performed on  X Factor finale with Carly Rose Sonenclair

Besides this, the fabulous choreographer also played in Justi Bieber’s music video ‘FA LA LA’ and ‘Drumer boy.’The 5 ft 3-inch boy appeared in numerous live concert with singing sensations like Christina Aguilera, Will Smith, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande.

Who is Gabe De Guzman? – Age, Height, Parents

An energetic dancer, Gabe is a child from Filipino parents, mother Florence and father Egay De Guzman who grew up in Murrieta, California. The young dancer has one sister Danielle who motivated him to become a hip hop dancer. 

Who is Gabe De Guzman?

Snippet of Guzman with his mother during his graduation.
Image Source: @gabedofficial

An asthmatic child, Gabe was only able to play indoor activities later changed his dancing passion into career who later became a dancing sensation. 

Gabe is a 19-year-old energetic dancer is involved as a member of Boy Squad and immaBEAST dance crew. He has done several duets with a famous dancer Kaycee. Guzman is 5’8” (1.73 m) tall weighing 110 pounds when it comes to his physique details.  

How much is Gabe’s Income? Young Dancer Net Worth Details

The net worth of a popular celebrity is not predictable but there are various methods to calculate their earning from their popularity and involvement in various activities. According to Indeed, the average income of a dancer in America is $23.12 per hour. 

How much is Gabe’s Income? Young Dancer Net Worth Details 

Guzman is a hardworking hustler with self-made fortune.
Image Source: Instagram

Without any doubt, an American dancer Gabe is one who has really done well at an early age. His amazing dancing skill has won the millions heart.

The passionate dancer, Gabe holds million dollars in his bank account. The Popular Hip-hop dancer’s actual net worth is estimated to have $500k in his bank account.

The income from stage performance and choreography are his main source of revenue. Besides this, many of his hit music videos and movies supported, to sum up, his income. 

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The YouTube channel’s DancingWithYT featured energetic boy has played hit music videos with big artists like Justin Bieber and Diplo and played in the movies like ‘Playground Politix’ and ‘Teens Wanna Know.’ 

The teenage star is subscribed by more than 30200 on Twitter and followed by more than 56000 fans on YouTube channel. So, there is no doubt how much he earns.

Is Gabe Dating or Enjoying His Single life?

Who Is Gabe Dating?

Gabe is enjoying his single life.
Image Source: Instagram

An American dancer’s relationship status is a matter of curiosity to his fan followers. But the time is off, yes, it is good news to ladies fans that the handsome dancer Gave De Guzman’s is not dating any girl in present.

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Gabe’s previous relationship status was also single. He has never dated any girl in the past days because of his focus on the dancing and creating his own dance moves and styles.

Gabe Loves to Sing

The multitalented young dancer expresses his singing passion by posting videos on his Instagram. Recently, he has uploaded his singing video Little Things by the renowned band One direction.

On Instagram, he has posted a status on singing progress where many of his followers loved his voice. Well, not bad, truly a multi-talented persona.

Quick Facts About Gabe

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