Netflix Cheer Star Gabi Butler Weight Loss - Watermelon Diet Truth

Cheerleader from ‘Cheer’ Gabi Butler Weight Loss!!!

Everything you have been searching about Cheer star Gabi Butler weight loss comparison with photos, watermelon diet facts and health benefits in detail

Gabriella Butler commonly known as Gabi Butler is an American cheerleader and a social media personality. The 2020 docuseries “Cheer” gave her global recognition and she has been all around internet since then.

With her growing popularity, her weight loss also has been on the trending section for past few days. Did she really go through the procedure of weight loss? What are her diets and workout routines? Know everything about the rising actress here.

Gabi Butler Weight Loss

The fame for the cheerleader came rushing back when the Netflix brought back second season to the series. The show focused on her weight loss. Besides, her watermelon diet also caught a great attention wondering if the diet really made her slim. However, the people are confused if the content is real or just for the show.

Gabi Butler Physique (1)

The snippet of the actress in the series
Image Source: The Sun

Furthermore, the actress’s mom also pointed out about the watermelon diet for her flexible physique. As the series has a great fan base all around the world. People are now obsessed with watermelon diet and routines of Gabi.

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Some people also have been skeptical regarding the watermelon diet and are raising voices against Netflix for showing such crap to all the people who look up to Butler. So, interviewers were compelled to confirm about it.

Truth about Watermelon Diet from “Cheer”

In an interview with Extra, the cheerleader revealed, “So you’re not actually fasting, but you’re like getting something in your stomach, so you’re not, like, just not having anything.” Further she added, “It actually is very good for you and like removing all that toxic stuff and what watermelon does is it basically clears everything because it is mostly water.”

gabi-butler-2 (1)

She had an awesome physique in Season 1 as well
Image Source: The Face

Later on, she also added that she has been following the same diet every now and then. The dilemma all became clear along with this interview. So, everyone is now wondering what actually watermelon diet is and how effective it is.

Is it Effective?

Yahoo!life has included everything regarding the watermelon issue. The site also has added whether or not it is healthy and some experts’ opinions. To sum up, weight loss cannot be easy whatever the diet is. So, it really depends on how consistent one is and the workout routines one follow.

Gabi Butler Weight Loss

Her weight loss routines have favored her
Image Source: Instagram

So, the awesome physique of the reality star seems to have come from the watermelon diet she has been following. Seeing the star as a cheerleader on the screen, every fan has a dream of possessing a flexible body like hers. Thus, her secrets are always loved and cherished by her admirers.

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Besides, distractify has tried to bring justice among fans with some expert’s opinion concerning the watermelon fasting. Some have said that it doesn’t really remove all toxins, that’s the job of liver and kidneys. Moreover, other also have pointed out a finger to Netflix saying, “Bring better contents”.

The rising model is active on every social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected for any new information regarding the series or the diet.

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