Georgina Rodriguez Plastic Surgery

Georgina Rodriguez Plastic Surgery

Learn all about Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Allegations, Before and After, Children and Modeling Career

The Argentinean born model Georgina Rodriguez has been all over social media and news section following her posts on her social media.
The wife of footballer has been accused of several cosmetic surgeries lately. The 28-years old model has changed a lot since her meeting
Christiano Ronaldo. She led a private life before she became involved with Manchester United star. However, she was a rising model who was on her way to the top.

Being a struggling model, she always maintained her body and appearance. But she wasn’t always the way she is now. A lot of people as well
as news site have said that the star has changed a lot since she caught the attention in 2017.

Georgina Rodriguez

The Snippet of the Model
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Plastic surgery modifications has been common thing to do nowadays, especially with tv personalities. So, it is not unusual that the wife of Portuguese footballer also got surrounded by several rumors. How did the rumors start? Are they true? What are the experts opinion on it? Know all about it in the following article.

Georgina Rodriguez Before and After

The rumors and gossip first filled the air when social media so called “experts” leaked her pictures. The fans and followers were shocked to see such huge difference in Georgina’s appearance. Looking at the pictures, different analysis and suspicions came out. They included nose job, filler as well as Botox. Her chins also seemed to have suffered from surgical procedure. Along with that, other also have claimed that the result are nothing more than usage of good products. Regarding the differences in her before and after pictures, she used to have a lot of pimples.

Georgina Rodriguez Before and After (1)

Georgina Before and After Comparison
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Besides, breast augmentation is another procedure she is thought to have gone through. Pro IQRA clearly mentioned that difference was shocking to many admirers and followers.

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The star had small size breast before entering model industry. Now, the size are clearly enlarged making her more attractive. Some also assumed that she had to go through it as the model also is making her appearances on tv.

Other than that, a sexy figure is a prime thing to sustain in a model industry. So, it is understandable that she was compelled.
The model has now been a great name other than Christiano’s girlfriend only. She has been a face behind various brands regarding her beauty and personality.

Conclusion about the Plastic Surgery

No one wants their flaws to come forward. Model Rodriguez also had been careful but however the pictures from the past got out. Comparing her present and past looks, the knife seems to have favor her. The surgeon has done a great job as her beauty looks natural and unsuspicious.

Georgina With Ronaldo and her Children

Model Rodriguez With Ronaldo and their Children
Image Source: Daily Mail

The Spanish model also has been a huge inspiration to many for her continuity in modeling. She also has set an example being in a great shape with regular exercise and proper diet. Motivation and dedication like hers proves she is worth all the attention and popularity she got.

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The fact that Ronaldo’s wife is a mother of four shocks everyone when we look at her physique. She , in fact has become more attractive and appealing with time. We also can expect more coming from the 28-year-old as her career has just rose to the peak. She has got more than 31.6 million followers on Instagram. Checkout her latest pictures and post for clearer view.

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