Vtuber Apricot(Froot) Bio-Wiki, Real Face Reveal, Net Worth, Twitch, Age

Grab The Real Face Details of Vtuber Apricot(Froot)! Learn his Wiki & Net Worth

Find out all about the Youtuber and Twitch star, Apricot(Froot)’s face reveal, wiki, net worth, and more

Apricot(Froot) is a female Virtual YouTuber from England. Furthermore, Froot is also considered one of the first generation members of the American VTuber company VShojo. Earlier she was an independent YouTuber, but recently she joined the VShojo, which is an Americana VTuber company. 

Furthermore, she also streams on Twitch and has over 96k followers as of now. Her real identity has been a key interest of the general public. And in a recent video, she has been on revealing her human face. Thus we have written this article to inform you about her face-revealing video, wiki, and more.

Who Is Vtuber Froot? Learn Her Wiki-Bio

Vtuber Froot has not discussed her personal life. All we know is that she has a very soft-spoken high pitched voice and a very calming demeanor. And is very shy and has a habit of stuttering when she is speaking. Some sites claim that the YouTuber’s height stands at 155cm (5’1″) and weight only 45kg (99lbs). As per Froot’s age, she is in her teenage years. According to her twitch account, she started streaming on the 27th of November 2020, and just in less than a year; and has thousands of subscribers over her social platforms.

Apricot (Froot) is a female Virtual YouTuber

Apricot (Froot) is a female Virtual YouTuber
Image Source: Instagram (@froot.shrimp)

Furthermore, the funny thing is, although she is easily scared she enjoys horror of all varieties. Every other member of VShojo has a habit of swearing. However, she is very restrained when it comes to it. Although we don’t know about Froot’s real appearance, her avatar appears at first glance to be human. But you look closely has four dark purple pierced horns curling back from her head and long pointed ears.

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In addition, she has tussled neck-length teal-colored hair with emerald green highlights and long “tails” in front. When Froot’s channeling magic, she has emerald green eyes, and face tattoos that glow green. And has a pair of bat-like wings. Talking about her clothes, Youtuber wears a short black and purple off-shoulder dress. Along with a pentagram design on the chest, a single thigh high fishnet, spiked heels, arm-length fingerless gloves, a choker, and a silver crown with a skull motif.

Has Apricot(Froot) Revealed Her Face?

Many believe that Froot has revealed her real face, after watching her recent video. Many websites have also said that Froot is a man. However, this is also false speculation.

Vtuber Apricot(Froot) hasn't reveal her face

Vtuber Apricot(Froot) hasn’t reveal her face
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

Talking about the whole incident in detail, BBC recently did a quick segment on V-Tubers, using Froot and Veibae as interviewees. However, they couldn’t do their basic research and used the footage of GunRun, co-founder of Twitch and owner of VShojo, (Justin Aka Jagoo) as Apricot’s footage. So Froot used his face as a tongue-in-cheek joke.

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The twitch star said that she was going to reveal her face to the world and then showed them the face of GunRun. Fans then reacting saying “it was very scary”, “this is not what I expected”. And one also said that “Perfect Revenge on BBC” On her Twitter, she also expressed that it was amazing to see herself on the BBC news, and was a very proud moment for @VShojoOfficial.

How Much Is Apricot(Froot) Net Worth?

Apricot Froot’s net worth must be in 7-digits. Her main source of income is social media especially YouTube with over 100k subscribers and twitch. In addition to being on Twitter, Pixiv, and VOD.

'Apricoture' VTuber fashion line

‘Apricoture’ VTuber fashion line
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

She also makes money from endorsements and brand advertisements. Furthermore, her loyal fans also donate to her and also support her channel. For example, Froot also earns around $1.6k per month from her Patreon site.

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According to VShojo entry, she is described as:

“She took a turn to stream once she realized she could harvest human souls by disguising them as Twitch Subscriptions. She is a hopeless necromantic and hopes to one day own her own Virtual Fashion brand.”

The name for her VTuber fashion line is ‘Apricoture’. The idea for the name came from Silverdale during her outfit redesign. We must say that the England-based content creator has been a very lavish and secretive life. And all this came from her drawing, gaming, singing, and simply chatting on stream.

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