Grey's Anatomy Jake Borelli Weight Gain

Grey’s Anatomy Jake Borelli Weight Gain!

Grab all details of the American actor Jake Borelli’s weight gain who is popular for the role of Wolfgang on the Nickelodeon comedy series The Thundermans and Dr. Levi Schmitt on Grey’s Anatomy.

Recently, the news regarding Jake Borelli weight gain has been trending all over the internet squarely after the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 aired on October 6, 2022.

The new season premiere has left Grey’s Anatomy fans coming up with different gossip and speculations regarding, the 31-year-old actor’s weight gain. So in order to learn the real facts, about the medical drama popular character Levi Schmitt shocking weight gain, ahead, we present you with all the details,

Jake Borelli Weight Gain Reason!

To be clear, Levi did not have weight gain due to any illness, it is completely based on his will and eating habits.

Grey's Anatomy Jake Borelli Weight Gain
Jake Borelli Weight Gain – Before & After. (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

The medical drama season 18 ended on 24th May 2022 and its shooting ended a couple of months earlier. Jake’s weight gain happened over his gap period which is normal like ours, he just over ate, and skipped the gym.

So there is no specific reason behind his weight gain, but solely because of the actor’s eating habits. And it’s normal too as most people gain weight and have ups and downs of 20 -30 pounds. So in the case of Jake, the weight gain happened to like other normal people.

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While there is also the possibility of Borelli’s weight gain due to the demand from scripts for the new season. Amidst this reason, a majority of people on the internet are seen body-shaming the actor which is very inappropriate as everyone’s weight has fluctuations.

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