Harald Gloockler Plastic Surgery Accusations (2022): What Did Harald Gloockler Do With His Face?

Harald Glööckler plastic surgery accusation has recently been the buzz in the glamour industry. People suspect that he has had a bunch of procedures such as lip filler, nose job facelift, etc and now he looks unrecognizable. Did Harald Gloockler’s plastic surgery go wrong? Let us take a look at him and see what we find.

Harald Glööckler, real name Harald Glöckler, is a very successful German fashion designer and entrepreneur. Harald mainly gained recognization from fans for his rhinestone-studded and glittering creations.

He uses rhinestones in items like belts and makes them look very appealing so much so that the world might not know him but know his products.

At the very early of six, he designed his first dress for his aunt. She taught her how to custom tailor. Gloeckler was very passionate and his collections were cleverly designed style. They were categorized as a kind of opulence only known from the French Haute Couture.

This time people have been suspecting that Harald Gloockler was one to have cosmetic augmentations done. So did Harald really go under the knife? Let us differentiate between him before and after pics.

Harald Gloockler Plastic Surgery And Before Surgeries

Harald Gloockler (@haraldgloeoeckler_official) is not the first to be a suspect of such accusations. Year after year we can clearly see an increase in the usage of cosmetic surgery procedures. And one primary reason is the growth of social media.

Social media has also been accused of hurting your body image. People now judge your facial structure and body type more than ever. There is a constant comparison of yourself to unrealistic standards. In addition to this photoshop and filters are readily available to users to set unrealistic appearances.

Nose jobs, boob jobs, facelifts, and botox are very popular plastic surgery. People also favor jawline surgery, chin line surgery, and fillers.

Firstly we like to mention that Harald has never admitted nor denied any enhancements speculations. And there have also been outlets that have discussed this yet.

We don’t believe that the designer is scared or shy about expressing what he feels about these speculations because he previously has been very outspoken. For instance, back in 2004, he depicted naked for a PETA campaign with the slogan “animals wear fur, people wear fashion.

Anyways getting back to the main subject at hand after look his current appearance we were shocked.  Like you, our first reaction was what happened to his face and what has Gloockler done to his face.

Initially, we thought that it was so extreme form of makeup that most people are not aware of. But gradually we started speculating that he has had plastic surgeries done.

We believe it is one of those plastic surgery gone wrong scenarios. We have covered a few of these types of surgery in which celebs go to new heights to look perfect.

Harald Gloockler Swollen Face (Image Source: Instagram)

There was also a post from the entrepreneur back in 2018 when he had a very swollen disfigured face. At that time he admitted that this was a result of an allergy and was hospitalized. Just look at the above pic, it is from a video that addressed this.

What Happened to Harald Gloockler Face? Gloeckler Plastic Surgery Procedures

Firstly without even comparing his before and after photos, we suspect that the designer has had a facelift. We believe that Harald is past his 40, the exact time when people start having these procedures done.

Just look at his puffy face. There are completely no signs of wrinkles around his forehead and crow’s feet around his eye regions. We have a bunch of people having facelifts but there is really something unnerving about one. His cheeks look like they can burst out anytime.

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What else? We also believe that Harald has done something with his eyebrows too. They look nothing like we have ever seen. It appears like he had his eyebrows shaved off and has drawn the eyebrow he prefers from an eyebrow pencil.

We also can’t rule out that this could be a kind of eyebrow lift that many are not aware of. How much do eyebrow lifts cost? The eyebrow lift average price is $4000.

Harald Gloockler Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

What about Harald Gloockler having a nose job? No, this one we are certain of as Harald’s nose doesn’t look reshaped in any of his pics.

Both his upper and lower lips’ volume thickness is unusual.  So yes those plumped lips indicate he is using lip fillers. These types of cosmetic procedures cost around $600 to $1200. And they last for 6 to 12 months.

We know that we have used the term ‘Harald Gloocker plastic surgery gone wrong’  explicitly but we also like to mention that the entrepreneur could have wanted this type of look.

There is an article filled with motivational quotes by him. One of them read that he wants to become radiant a glamorous, pompous fashion prince who would enchant the world with his magic.. It is his goal. And also wishes to make his vision come true.

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