Bombies Face reveal

Has Bombies Done Face Reveal! Everything You Need to Know About Streamer

Find out all about YouTuber Bombies including her bio-wiki, face reveal, net worth, earnings, and more

Jessica “Jess” aka Bombies, is an American gaming YouTuber. Her Minecraft content, especially about Hypixel Bed Wars is very well known among Minecraft Community. Jess usually plays Bed Wars with the likes of Wqlff and others. They even hit over a 1,100 win streak.

Her followers are puzzles about Bombies face reveal news. Thus, we have written this article to describe the whole incident. Additionally, it also has her brief wiki and net worth.

Who Is the American Gaming YouTuber?

Jessica celebrates her birthday on September 20. She is an American citizen and is currently residing in the USA. Her parents and sibling is a hot topic. However, she has no desire to expressing it.

Bombies Wiki
                                 Bombies (Image Source: YouYube)

We have heard her talk about her mother saying that she is well aware of the Bombies channel. And supports her for gaming. Her channel started on Feb 03, 2018. She is friends with Luvonox, Wqlff, Braiden, and Dogcatwhat. Though people want to know about Bombies’ relationship and dating life. She wishes to keep it a secret.

Has Bombies Done Face Reveal?

Not a big fan of her voice. Her phone number and neighborhood were doxxed and released to the public. On December 26, 2020, the YouTuber decided to reveal her voice for the first time. Previously, she used to play Bed Wars with no commentaries.

Bombies Face reveal
                  Bombies Face reveal (Image Source: YouTube)

On Feb 6 she announced on YouTube that her YouTube was hacked and she was getting swat threats. Furthermore, said to consider this as an actual threat and will keep hunting you down there are too many loose ends and it won’t talk much time to her household. According to her video, her number was leaked and received numerous calls. It worried her. Nonetheless, as the video progressed we noticed the manner in which she speaks and we speculate that Jess is in her teenage years.

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Later on, it was revealed that the account was hacked by an account ‘Xylan’. However, now the picture has been wiped off the internet. Many of her fans have expressed their feelings towards the whole ‘Bombies Face Reveal’ incident. One said ‘That’s disgusting, I can’t believe someone would do this. While another said ‘I hope she gets everything sorted out.’ One also added ‘Minecraft of all games has the weirdest community.’ Apparently, Bombies’s face was revealed publicly in the past. According to her fan, in 2018 and there were small videos, and leaking her current face reveal is still unacceptable.

How Much Is Bombies Net Worth?

Bombies’s net worth is about 50k USD. Most of her income comes from being a YouTuber. She recently thanked her followers for giving her channel 80k subscribers. Currently, she has over 110k subscribers.

Bombies Net Worth
                      Bombies Channel (Image Source: YouTube)

She currently, has over 8,600,000 views in total. And has 1k comments per video with an average of 11k likes and 109 dislikes. The Streamer must have a very stable financial status. And must feel proud of what she has accomplished so far.

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