Has Kristen Davis Undergone Plastic Surgeries/Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Has Kristen Davis Undergone Plastic Surgeries/Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Find out all about the sex and the city actress’s Kristine Davis plastic surgery rumors with her before and after photo comparisons in detail.

The veteran actress has been rumored to have gone through several plastic surgeries on her face for a long period of time. So did Davis go under the knife for?

And what sort of plastic surgery procedure could she have taken. Let’s find out. Read more to find out all the facts about Kristine Davis’s plastic surgery procedures comparing her before and after look.

Kristen Davis Plastic Surgery Details

Has Davis undergone the knife? We speculate that the actress must have had gone through a few plastic surgeries to look youthful. However, there is not much information on the internet about her plastic surgery.

And the Sex and the City actress has also not confirmed nor denied the rumors. But why would Kristen Davis go under the knife?

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The demand for perfect appearance is at its peak in the industry. Making cosmetic procedures a necessity for several celebrities. For a woman of her age, it is not uncommon to have these surgeries. How old is Kristen Davis? She was born in February of 1965 making her 56-years-old.

So what procedures did the Davis go through? There is a list of plastic surgeries like liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty. In addition to this cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers are also widely available.

While there is no concrete evidence about any facial plastic surgery relating to the 56-year-old, her physical appearance gives the hint about some work done to her body.

Thus, we have compared some snippets of Davis’s before and after photos. and have noticed that her low face region is much more shapely and structured than before. Liposuction is another surgery we speculate she might have gone through as she has some differences in her lips as well.

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Her lips in previous photos look thinner and more shapely than what they look now. And also her cheekbones indicate that she has gone through botox surgery.

Kristen Davis Plastic Surgery Procedures

According to weightandskin, two surgeons Dr. David Shafer and Dr. Paul S. Nassif have speculated that the secret behind the actress’ improved skin can be linked to Botox treatment also known as an anti-wrinkle injection.

Meanwhile, another Reconstructive Surgeon Michael Somenek claimed that Kristin has not gone through any surgery procedure on her eyes. However, he also believes that the form of neck regions suggests that she had a neck lift surgery.

Likewise, Davis’s cheeks appear to be overfilled creating a rather distorted appearance to her eyes.

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According to him, she before and after photos differ as now her face seems unusually wide than before. Michael also suspects that she had a lip lift to elevate her upper lip.

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