Halyna Hutchins Bio/Wiki, Husband, Son, Net-worth, Age and Funeral

Halyna Hutchins Bio/Wiki, Husband, Son, Net-worth, Age and Funeral

Find out all the facts about Halyna Hutchins bio, age, husband, son, accident, funeral, obituary, and net worth.

Halyna Hutchins was a famous cinematographer and journalist from Ukraine. Moreover, she has been credited with more than 30 movies and series. Furthermore, her credits include short films and television miniseries as well.

The cinematographer is widely recognized for her work in the movie Archenemy and Darlin’. Unfortunately, the cinematographer died at a young age due to an accident. So what was the accident and how did it happen?

We have all the information on the journalist including her accident. Read more to find out all the details about Halyna Hutchins bio, age, husband, son, accident, funeral, obituary, and net worth.

Halyna Hutchins Wiki/Bio

Halyna Hutchins was born in Horodets, USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). However, Hutchins spent her childhood in Murmansk. Moreover, Murmansk is a city in Russia.

Halyna Hutchins wiki
                    Halyna Hutchins (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, her father was a Navy in the Soviet Union. Thus, the cinematographer grew up on a Soviet military base located in the Arctic. In addition, she liked to think of herself as an ‘army brat’.

During an interview with CNN, film historian Jim Hemphill said, “Growing up in a Soviet military base, there wasn’t much too but watch movies.”  Furthermore, Hemphill added that Halyna fell in love with movies at a young age and had been making her name as a cinematographer after moving to the U.S.

The Ukrainian cinematographer joined National Agricultural University to study economics. However, she shifted her choice to Journalism.

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Thus, the cinematographer attended Kyiv National University to study Journalism and left National Agricultural University. Later on, Hutchins received a degree in international journalism and got a job as an investigative journalist for documentary films in Eastern Europe.

Halyna Hutchins does have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

Halyna Hutchins Age and more

Hutchins was born in 1979. Unfortunately, the exact date and month of her birth haven’t been disclosed. The director of photography was 42 years old as of 2021.

How old was Halyna Hutchins at the time of her death? What was her age? We are sure many fans must be thinking about this. The Ukrainian cinematographer died on 21 October 2021.

Since her death was not long ago, the journalist’s untimely death from an accident happened at the age of 42 years. Moreover, the cinematographer was a blonde woman with hazel eyes. Also, her height was 168 centimeters or 5 feet 6 inches.

Halyna Hutchins Husband and Son

Was Halyna Hutchins married? Who was the journalist’s husband? When did she get married? Yes, the journalist was married. The cinematographer got married to her husband in 2005.

Matt Hutchins husband of Halyna Hutchins
         Matt Hutchins husband Halyna Hutchins and their daughter                                                   (Image Source: dailymail)

However, the couple hasn’t shared further details on their marriage like the month and date of the marriage. Furthermore, her age was 26 and her husband’s age was 23 at the time.

Also, the couple had been married for 16 years. Moreover, her husband’s name is Matthew Hutchins. Who is Matthew? The 42-year-old’s husband, Matthew is a 38-year-old American advocate who graduated from Harvard Law School. So how did the couple meet?

According to Halyna’s friends, the cinematographer met her husband in Ukraine and he fell in love with Halyna. Moreover, it was her husband who pursued her and convinced her to move to the US.

Eventually, the cinematographer moved to the US. In addition, Hutchin’sfriend, Janashvili told PEOPLE, that the parent of a nine-year-old had a beautiful partnership and they supported each other’s dreams.

Unfortunately, no further information about when the couple met is not shared. Moreover, the cinematographer was very private about her personal life and dedicated to work. Thus, we rarely see the journalist’s pics with her husband on social media.

How many children did Halyna have? Did she have a son? Yes, the journalist gave birth to her son in 2012. Currently, her son’s age is 9 years. Moreover, the couple named the son Andros Hutchins.

Halyna Hutchins Accident

Halyna’s accident and death have been on the news for the past week. What was the accident that took her life? When and where did it happen? The accident happened on the set of the movie Rust.

Halyna Hutchins accident
                         Halyna Hutchins (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the accident that took the cinematographer’s life was a gunshot. Furthermore, it happened on 21 October 2021 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The cinematographer was working as a director of photography for the upcoming American movie, Rust starring Alec Baldwin, Travis Fimmel, and Frances Fisher.

. According to sources, the gun firing accident occurred at 1:50 p.m. local time.

“Immediately 911 was called with a message “an individual had been shot on set. Eventually, the director of photography had been taken to the hospital via helicopter. However, she dies at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

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On October 22, Alec twitted that he had no words to convey shock and sadness that a tragic accident took the life of a wife, mother, and a colleague

 Moreover, the actor expressed his willingness to co-operate with the police for the investigation of the accident.

Halyna Hutchins funeral and obituary

On Friday, Halyna’s husband tweeted a sad post, he said that Halyna inspired them all with her passion and vision with a photo of his wife and their son Andros.

Halyna Hutchins Obituary
                          Halyna Hutchins (Image Source: Instagram)

Also, on October 23, the husband of the accident’s victim shared a sad caption that said, “We miss you, Halyna!”. Moreover, the caption had photos of the couple with their son whose age is 9.

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Furthermore, dealing with the accident of the mother must be very hard for her son just like her husband. In addition, Hutchins’s friends and colleagues have established the at the American Film Institute’s Conservatory in memory of  American Film Institute Conservatory graduates.

HalynaHutchin obituary was published on October 25, 2021.

Halyna Hutchins net worth

Unfortunately, the actress’s exact net worth is not known. Moreover, we do not have a reliable source to estimate the cinematographer’s net worth.

Halyna Hutchins net worth
                      Halyna Hutchins (Image Source: Instagram)

While exactnetworth.com has estimated Halyna’s net worth to be around $300,000, ng news tells her net worth to be above $1 million. Hence, we cannot be sure about her net worth as there is no official report on the journalist’s net worth.

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