Heavy Weighted Boxer Andy Ruiz : Weight Loss, Body Transformation

Heavy Weighted Boxer Andy Ruiz:Weight Loss, Body Transformation

Find out all the details on the heavy-weighted boxer Andy Ruiz’s weight loss in 2021, body transformation, and more.

Andrés Ponce Ruiz Junior is also known as Andy Ruiz is an American professional boxer who is also of Mexican descent.

He is recognized as a heavy-weighted boxer and came into the limelight when he defeated Anthony Joshua. Moreover, Andy Ruiz became the holder of three heavyweight championship titles; the IBO, the IBF, and the WBA (Super) heavyweight titles.

However, Ruiz has completely transformed his body by losing some pounds. He is no more the heavy-weighted boxer he used to be. How did he lose his weight? Read more to know all the detail on his weight loss details, body transformation, and more.

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Andy Ruiz Before and After

The 31-years-old fighter of Mexican descent once got a victory over Anthony Joshua and came into the limelight. However, he became the first fighter of Mexican descent to win a heavily weighted crown winning over Joshua.

Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua (Image Source: Sport 360)

After that, he partied hard, therefore gaining a lot more weight. Moreover, Ruiz bought a garage full of luxury cars–a Mercedes, two Rolls Royces, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Porsche.

However, he didn’t take in mind his rematch with Joshua and kept on enjoying and partying. When he rolled into the ring for the match with Joshua in Saudi Arabia, he weighed 284 pounds. How much weight did he gain? He became 16 pounds heavier than he was in the first match.

Andy Ruiz lost the title belt in a one-sided bout that took place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

“After Saudi Arabia, I was depressed. I was kind of mad at myself because I didn’t do the right things that I was supposed to do,” Ruiz said. “One day I woke up crying, telling myself, ‘Man, this is not me. I shouldn’t be doing

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After that, he got conscious and sad about his loss. How did he lose his weight? Ruiz says he “hit the reset button” and vowed to hit the gym as hard as he once hit the buffet table.

Andy Ruiz Weight Loss, Body Transformation

A video was shared all over the internet, when Ruiz Jr was seen in a thinner body frame in comparison to his frame before his knee surgery and how he looked when sharing the ring with AJ.

“When the pandemic hit, I was 310 pounds. Right now I’m at 255 pounds,” Ruiz said during an interview with the Journal in mid-April. “I’m not where I want to be at but I’m better than where I was at.”

How much weight did he lose? He has got an impressive weight loss of 30lbs.

Joshua was 237 pounds for the second fight, 10 pounds lighter than the first bout. Moreover, he has got a great physique as he lost his body fat and also some muscles.

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Does he have the same willpower as before or not? Looking at his last fight against Chris Arreola was a highly intense battle, but some boxing experts believe that his punches were a lot weaker in comparison to when he was fighting Joshua.

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