Instagram Star Sommer Ray Plastic surgery

Instagram Star Sommer Ray Plastic surgery

Everything about Sommer Ray plastic surgery with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Sommer is a social media influencer. She was born on September 15, 1996 (age 25 years), in Larkspur, Colorado, United States

Sommer is distinct in appearance because she belongs to a Caucasian-white ethnic background, while her nationality is American.

Sommer has been accused of using plastic surgery. She responded by saying that the credit for her figure goes to the gym and a healthy lifestyle for her physique. Ray said in an interview with Forbes that she just wanted to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle with her social media.  She added, “I’m really against plastic surgery and all that stuff.”

So did Sommer really have plastic surgery let’s compare her before and after photos to find out.

Sommer Ray Plastic Surgery

Sommer like most social media influencers has been a victim of cyberbullying.

In an interview with Cosmo, Ray told that she dropped out of school because of it. She was slut-shamed in a way — everyone from her hometown judged her.

                Sommer Ray Plastic Surgery (Before and After)           (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

She explained that they didn’t understand when she posted pictures of her butt on Instagram, it was because she’d worked hard for it. It’s not a sexualized thing. She added

“I want girls to know that I’m for them,” “I want to show them my personality and show them that I’m not just a dumb bimbo. Ray accused of seeing a girl on Instagram, showing her body, and it’s just substance less.”

In fact, she says she started her YouTube channel to show off more of her personality. And the 25-year-old is trying for her followers to know who she truly is.

Your body image is in danger when you are on social media. People now judge your facial structure and body type more than ever.

There is a constant comparison of yourself to unrealistic standards. In addition to this photoshop and filters are readily available to users to set unrealistic appearances.

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A ton of plastic surgery ar nose jobs, boob jobs, facelifts, and botox can be widely seen.

Let us compare her before and after photos to find what if she is really against plastic surgery. Looking at her photos from back in 2016, the social influencer is suspected to have lip filler surgery.

The volume of her lips currently really looks like the lips of a person having such surgeries. Besides, there is little to no difference to further speculate on.

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