Darren Knight

Is Darren Knight Gay? Bio, Net Worth, & Marriage Details

Find out all about comedian Darren Knight’s gay rumors, sexuality, relationship, and net worth details.

Darren Knight is an American comedian who has gained a lot of attention for creating and posting videos as his alter-ego Southern Momma. Knight, the self-proclaimed fastest rising comedian in American history became instantly noticed and videos spread and eventually reached millions.

The 35 years old has many series on his youtube page, most surrounding his alter-ego. Due to his videos gaining popularity people have also started to question his sexuality, net worth, and relationship status.

Is Darren Knight Gay?

The lives of the LGBT people group are where most of his stand-up revolve around. His mother hated the character ‘Southern mamma’ at first because she thought it would ruin the family’s reputation.

Southern mamma
            Southern mamma, his alter ego (Image source: Heavy)

His real-life Southern mother and grandmother have inspired his character. This has risen all sorts of suspicions about his sexuality.

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The comedian is aware of his gay rumors, he says that he sees plenty of discussion on online forums and has faced questions about it many times. He does not want to be clearly answered about his sexuality as if it does not matter to him. He told HoustonPress:

“People have asked me about my sexual orientation, but I don’t really know,”

We have looked at his social media to find a picture that can give us a clue about his sexuality. But he has so many different pictures with so many people of different genders, we can only guess.

Darren to who criticizes his stand-up comedy for bringing homosexuality casual to the public says that people should just enjoy and laugh at his stand-up comedy. He said that stand-up should not be judged for race and sexuality.

Who is Darren Knight’s Girlfriend?

Knight’s social media posts have never given any hints that he is in a relationship. However, on Valentine’s Day of 2020, he posts a picture with a Mysterious woman, this has people raise their eyebrows.

Darren with a girl
                  Darren with a girl (Image source: Superfires)

When asked about the girl and his relationship it is tricky because he has not admitted not denied the relationship he has with her. She might be his unpublicized girlfriend but she can also just be a fan of the comedian.

Opening exclusively in an interview in Sound and Soul, Darren shared,

“I bought this big home and as I said earlier, I am single, I don’t have any kids… I come from a BIG family, and since I don’t have a family of my own, I didn’t let that stop me from bringing everybody together.”

The speculation can go on and on but don’t reach any conclusions. Lately, he has said that he is single so it is highly possible that he is not married and does not have any kids. Do you want to know if Omar Rudberg is Gay? His Sexuality & Relationship Explained

How much is Darren Knight worth?

Darren has an estimated $2,000,000 net worth as of 2021, the 33-year-old earns a lot from his Youtube channel and stand-up comedy shows.

Darren Knight
                       Darren Knight is a self-made millionaire. (Image Sources: Leo weekly)

As per reports from Social Blade, he runs a B-grade YouTube channel with 221k subscribers. Knight created the channel back in 2014, Feb 19, and has amassed a total of 30, 797,033 video views.

Amidst his YouTube earnings, Darren also makes a good amount of money from her endorsement deals and paid promotions. And summing up all his income source, Darren’s net worth is assumed to be around $2 million.

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