Is Kendrick Lamar’s Teeth Fixed?

Is Kendrick Lamar’s Teeth Fixed?

Everything you wish to know about Kendrick Lamar’s teeth fixed with before and after photos comparison in detail.

The rapper was born in Compton, California on June 17, 1987, and he is a child of a couple from Chicago. The name Kendrick was given to him by his mother.

It was in the honor of singer-songwriter Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations. His early days were surrounded on welfare and in Section 8 housing. When the songwriter was 8, Lamar witnessed his idols Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre filming the music video for their hit single “California Love.”

He claims that this was the push he needed to start his music career. As per Lamar’s educational background, the rapper attended McNair Elementary and Vanguard Learning Center in the Compton Unified School District.

As a child, he was a kind of a loner.  But this changed when he was a teenager, he graduated from Centennial High School in Compton. And he was a straight-A student.

We have covered a ton of celebs who have been involved in multiple cosmetic dentistries. There are numerous procedures to choose from such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and Invisalign.

People widely use teeth whitening, Wisdom teeth removal, and Invisible brace. We have also covered rappers wearing diamond and gold Grillz that cost varies from $200 to $925.

Kendrick Lamar Teeth

Teeth fixes are not a big deal for a rapper of his stature. But unlike most of the famous rapper community, he has yet to choose to grill his teeth. Instead of the, he wears a $3M Headpiece

                           Kendrick Lamar Teeth Before and After             (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

In a performance, the rapper also expressed his desire to wear such accessories. He wears this as a representation so that you’ll never forget one of the greatest prophets that ever walked the Earth. We’re going to continue to try our best to walk in this image.

Anyways talking about Kendrick’s teeth, the rapper doesn’t have anything extraordinary to talk about in this case. He has little gaps in his frontal teeth. But we don’t believe that it is a big issue. Lamar has never addressed it. And the fans have also not pointed it out.

But if in the never future the rapper chooses to remove his teeth gap via dental treatment such as dental bonding we will let you know. As nowadays every celebrity has to look as decent as possible. Otherwise, they will have to endure a ton of hate comments coming their way.

His gap isn’t even that big I wouldn’t get it fixed either. We also found a discussion titled Kendrick Teeth Gap Appreciation THREAD on Reddit

We believe he doesn’t decorate his teeth like others because reading his wiki/bio we found that Kendrick was never in a gang himself. The singer grew up around gang members, with his closest friends being Westside Piru Bloods and his father, Kenny Duckworth, being a Gangster Disciple.

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