Is Marvel Hawkeye's Kate Bishop Gay? Relationship Status and More

Is Marvel Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop Gay? Relationship Status and More

Find out the details about Kate Bishop, Is Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop gay? Relationship status and more.

Hawkeye (Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Bishop) is one of the fictional characters in American comic books. Her real name is Hailee Steinfeld.

Moreover, the books are published by Marvel Comics, written by Allan Heinberg.

Furthermore, she is the third character and the first female in the Hawkeye, who came as Clint Barton of the Avengers and Wyatt McDonald of the Squadron Supreme.

Who is Kate Bishop? What are all those things about her costume and being gay? Is Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop gay? Read more to find all the details, her relationship status, and more.

Who is Kate Bishop?

Kate Bishop is the youngest daughter who grew up in the Manhattanite family in the comic. She was held hostage by the villain El Matador before being rescued by the Avengers and, in particular, Hawkeye (Clint Barton).

Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop (Image Source: jioforme)

She is the daughter of Eleanor Bishop and Clint Barton. She lost her parents when she was small. However, she has a younger sister whose name is Susan. Besides, they do not have an understanding relationship with each other.

She was lonely and however became an independent person. She has a stubborn personality.

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Once, she saw her father beating up a person and secretly looked at it. While following him she was accidentally caught and held to ransom by El Matador. However, she managed to escape. Moreover, she was sexually assaulted while walking in Central Park.

Is Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop gay?

There are many guesses about Kate being gay. Is Kate Bishop gay? People have many questions about her being gay.

There is no such clue that she is gay in Marvel Comics or the Hawkeye series yet. However, fans are saying that MCU will change this to make the live-action franchise more inclusive and make her bisexual or pansexual.

In the comic book series Young Avengers, Kate says: “Am I the only straight in the group?” This clearly states the character’s preference in the comic’s narrative.

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Although, fans are making their guesses because she attends a ritzy auction in a suit and ties in an unforgettable scene, which quickly sparked a new fan theory that she is gay.

“Kate Bishop not only wore one but two suits that are so..” “Gay,” wrote @heximoff on Twitter. @emisuesivy tweeted:

“Kate Bishop standing is so gay.” @jiwanshoni tweeted, “I’m stressed out because I need Kate Bishop to be gay, or else I think I’ll lose my mind.” Viewers were relieved to learn that Kate changed into another suit a few scenes later.

Kate Bishop Relationship status

According to the current West Coast Avengers series, she is dating Johnny Watts aka Fuse.

Kate’s former partner in that series also known as Noh-Var, aka Marvel Boy, seems to have entered into a relationship of her own with Kate’s current partner.

The Young Avengers have also made their preferences to see Kate engage in a one-night stand. Moreover, fan have also thought if the character’s close relationship with America Chavez. The character will be introduced in the future.

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