Is the Wealthiest Man Alive Richard Banson Gay?

Find the details about one of the wealthiest men alive, Richard Branson sexuality, marital status, and net worth in details

Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor, author, and commercial astronaut. He is the owner of the Virgin Group. And today controls over 400 companies in various fields.

The business magnate is a very well-known and reputable figure in the world. He has a lot of followers and many of them want to know about his marital status, net worth, and his sexuality.

Is Richard Branson Gay?

The 70 years old Richard is probably not Gay. The rumors about him being gay have gained so much attention not because he admitted he was gay. It is because time and again he has soon his support and admiration towards the gay community.

              Richard-Branson is straight and LGBTQ activist. (Image Source: The Book of Man)

The Billionaire believes that there is a lot of people who have to learn about gay people and embrace them for who they are. Brandon said that at age of 16 he set up an advisory center where gay people could party with one another. Brandon remembers how heavenly the nightclub grew up to be.

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In Virgin-sponsored Pride celebrations he also stated:

“I would be absolutely delighted if one of my grandchildren turned out to be gay. The most creative, fun, wonderful people in the world are gay.”

He said that he feels deeply for the gay people in Uganda, as being gay can be punishable by life in prison. He added:

“We will not trade with Uganda until they get rid of it. Business should be doing more.”

He is saying that he is doing his best to change the view of people towards homosexuality. The focus problem of stoning gay people.

Who is Richard Branson’s Wife?

The businessman is married to a beautiful woman, Joan Templeman for nearly 30 years. When asked what is the key aspect of finding love. He says that you have to work on it, and the people who wait for it to happen will never get the end result.

Richard and his wife Joan
                Richard and his wife Joan Templeman. (Image source: Imago)

Branton says to “be persistent,” but “equally not over persistent.” He also revealed his wife showed very little interest in the future billionaire.

In 1989 they tied the knot and still seem to have a stronger bond. The two met in 1976 at Virgin Records Studios. However, after all these years he shows his love to her as he blogged a love letter to Joan, he wrote :

“I experienced love at first sight upon meeting a blond-haired, down-to-earth, Scottish beauty named Joan, who just happened to be making a cup of tea. I generally make up my mind about someone within 30 seconds of meeting them, and Joan won my heart instantly. She was unlike any other woman I had ever met.”

This shows that Richard is still deeply in love with his wife and does not want to be in a relationship with anyone else.

What is Richard Branson’s Networth?

Richard is an astronomically wealthy individual. Business guru and investor Richard Branson is a part of that group. He has a private island, Necker Island, a 74-acre island in The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

       Richard Branson is a Billionaire (Image source: IncMagazine)

The billionaire’s net worth is unbelievable he has a net worth of $4.5billion. He has over 400 companies under his portfolio and is confident that he will never retire. So with all the assets, Richard is not just living but enjoying his King life with riches.

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