Jake Paul Teeth and Conflict with Floyd Mayweather

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Nowadays, the most popular celebrities close to audiences are probably YouTubers. Not only the videos, but their news also makes the audiences equally curious. Lately, the name of Jake Paul also hit the peak after some clash with Floyd Mayweather.

Following the tension between the stars, his teeth have become an interesting topic for many.  Check out the full article to know about the incident, his teeth, his brother Logan Paul and more.

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Conflict

The youtuber didn’t have a good relationship with the professional boxer from before. Their tension first started to rise when the YouTuber stole Mayweather’s hat. The situation became worse when Jake started to continuously say, “got your hat”. Following that, he even got a tattoo that said “gotcha hat”.

Jake Paul and His Gotcha Hat Tattoo

Jake Paul and His “Gotcha Hat” Tattoo
Image Source: TMZ

Besides, Jake’s brother Logan is set to have a match with Floyd on June 7, 2021. But we don’t know whether the coming match has anything to do with it or not. Other than that, Jake even accused Mayweather of sending “goons” after him after the dispute.

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The conversation got heated at the press conference of Logan Paul and Mayweather’s exhibition fight. As seen from the video, the two were angrily shouting when suddenly, Jake Paul stole Mayweather’s hat. Jake really wanted to make Floyd angry and got successful as the boxer started chasing after Jake to hurt him physically when the guards stopped him.

Did Floyd Left Jake Paul with Sore Eye and a Chipped Tooth?

While fans thought nothing happened, Jake later posted a video on his Instagram laughing and claiming that he got Mayweather’s hat. Fans and followers started to notice that he had a sore eye and a broken tooth. Different opinions started to rain at the twitters as well as the comment section of the star’s social media.

Jake Paul and Mayweather

The Snippet of Jake Paul at dispute and after
Image Source: Metro

Some fans said the YouTuber was hit by Mayweather at the conference while some claimed that one of the boxer’s bodyguards gave Jake a sore eye. Besides, his tooth became an interesting topic after the clash. A single punch knocking Jake’s teeth!!!

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Hitc.com has mentioned the assumptions of fans after the dispute between the two. Further, it has also mentioned some twitter comments for effective understanding.

More about Jake Paul Teeth

Be that as it may, Jake Paul had a chipped tooth before the fight. Sportskeeda has presented a video of him showing the teeth a month ago. So, it seems he only got a sore eye and a healthy smile after all. He got his clothes torn and stretched but his teeth didn’t suffer any effect from the fight.

Jake Paul Teeth Before and After

Jake Paul Teeth Before and After Comparison
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Actually, Jake Paul doesn’t have a chipped tooth. It seems that way as his side teeth are shorter and rabbit teeth are a little longer than normal. But, he seems to have perfect teeth. Also, by the looks of his teeth, he may have worn braces in his early life but we can never know for sure until he confirmed about it. Floyd also had some tension with Rapper 50 cent lately.

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